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Edit 08/25/2018

Ironically the strike-through portion was from August 2017 (last year was a bear), generally this one has been a bit better.


Thanks for the well wishes, it's nice to be reminded people can be considerate.



Sorry I am Currently slightly MIA..

have not gotten a chance to check my PMs, IM's etc.


Having a fantastically bad August but am still around...

Highlight reel for the month... (Rant below, not asking for sympathy, just understanding on delays)



















-Windows 10 Creators update was stealth forced and borked my system..

-Computer kicking memory errors and corrupting files

-Sick ..

-Motherboard started to die, working on RMA'ing it, but need to Reimage due to above issues

-Sick again...

-work crisis(s)

-Still working on replacing my motherboard (it's expensive as hell...)

-Family vacation (x3 times  now in August, currently strep throat)

-Comcast is down @ vacation location, so no modding while sick, on vacation, and 1 bar 3G... so..... bored as hell...

-Gas smell reported by neighbors checking mail and walking dog...

-Gas company reports I have a leak and shuts off gas to house, informing me the fix won't occur until I am present at the house (several hours away on vacation and sick.....) and can't schedule in advance.

-Drive home alone, to be told the gas company won't come out until the following Tuesday, and my home internet is out...




Rant off...

(Spoilers don't seem to work...)


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