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My apologies for being MIA for the past 7.5 months.


I’ve been on a hiatus after an injury around Thanksgiving that prevented me from modding (As everyone asks, Severe 1st to 3rd degree burns covering both hands and arms).

There is some time as a mental health break from the community due to a couple breakdowns in communication with some fellow authors and less then awesome feedback from members.




I understand and appreciate the mounting frustration regarding updates and some pending new content.   

There are numerous reasons for the delays from health issues, revoked permissions, corrupted files, loss of team member and just plain old life but I am slowly easing back into the Modding mindset. 


There won't be promised estimates for completion / update dates, as I've painfully learned that just creates expectations and complications.



There are an insane number of pending messages I'll be going through over the next few weeks, and countless bug reports, I'll do what I can to resolve these between other responsibilities.








Edit 08/25/2018

Ironically the strike-through portion was from August 2017 (last year was a bear), generally this one has been a bit better.


Thanks for the well wishes, it's nice to be reminded people can be considerate.



Sorry I am Currently slightly MIA..

have not gotten a chance to check my PMs, IM's etc.


Having a fantastically bad August but am still around...

Highlight reel for the month... (Rant below, not asking for sympathy, just understanding on delays)







-Windows 10 Creators update was stealth forced and borked my system..

-Computer kicking memory errors and corrupting files

-Sick ..

-Motherboard started to die, working on RMA'ing it, but need to Reimage due to above issues

-Sick again...

-work crisis(s)

-Still working on replacing my motherboard (it's expensive as hell...)

-Family vacation (x3 times  now in August, currently strep throat)

-Comcast is down @ vacation location, so no modding while sick, on vacation, and 1 bar 3G... so..... bored as hell...

-Gas smell reported by neighbors checking mail and walking dog...

-Gas company reports I have a leak and shuts off gas to house, informing me the fix won't occur until I am present at the house (several hours away on vacation and sick.....) and can't schedule in advance.

-Drive home alone, to be told the gas company won't come out until the following Tuesday, and my home internet is out...




Rant off...

(Spoilers don't seem to work...)

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