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Purpose of this resource:
Create a standardize framework for armor so that modders can create and modify armor while making edits compatible with mods that adjust dynamic item naming (like Valdacil's Item Sorting).

Why create this:
Problem 1: many users want items sorted better in their inventory

Solution 1: rename items so they start with a tag that groups and sorts them alphabetically
Drawback: modifying the name of the record causes conflict with any other mod that modifies the same record. As simple rename causes incompatibility

Solution 2: use Fallout 4's dynamic naming mechanism to automatically tag armor and weapons so that the base record need not be modified
Advantage 1: since base records aren't modified, this method is compatible with mods that adjust stats, models, slots, etc
Advantage 2: mods that add new items can be tagged for sorting without addition work or compatibility patches
Complication: keywords on weapons are really consistent, but keywords for armor are far less consistent with many classifications missing keywords altogether.

So this is a resource to fix Bethesda's inconsistent keywords on armor pieces and force all armor items to run dynamic naming rules. If not using a mod that modifies the dynamic naming rules, then these edits will have no negative effect. However, by using this resource your mod will the primed for dynamic naming.

Vanilla Fallout 4 gives us the following ways to identify armor
ArmorTypeHat - hats
ArmorBodyPartHead - helmets
ArmorBodyPartEyes - glasses/goggles
ClothingDogmeat + playerCannotEquip - Dogmeat only equipable
ArmorBodyPartChest - chest armor overlays

And that is it. As you can see we're missing the same left/right arm/leg breakdown for armor overlay pieces (leather, combat armor, etc). We're also missing an standard keywords on clothing, armor suits, and the like. The is also no Super Mutant keyword.

This resource solves that problem by adding the following keywords:

If you are creating a mod that adds new wearable items, use this resource and one of the above keywords and follow the instructions outlined in this article, then your new items will be prepared for dynamic naming automatically with no need for compatibility patches. The resource includes all vanilla items properly tagged and prepared for dynamic naming.

Instructions for Use
Make ArmorKeywords.esm a master on your .esp and link it as a required file when you upload your mod to Nexus.

To override an item, start with the resource item and copy as override into your .esp. All pieces to run dynamic naming are already set as detailed below.

To create a new item, start with a resource item that is close then copy as a new item into your .esp. All pieces to run dynamic naming should carryover. Adjust community keywords as needed to properly tag and classify your item.

Dynamic naming works off the INNR records in FO4Edit (latest version calls these Instance Naming Rule). These rules run as If...Then statements looking for keywords on the object and applying a piece of the item's name if a matching rule is found.

However, by default many armor items don't run dynamic naming rules because they didn't have any upgrades available in vanilla. In order to force them to run dynamic naming rules the INRD of the item records must be set to the EditorID of the rule to run for that item. Additionally, the OBTS must have a minimal definition as follows:
OBTE - Count = 1
OBTS Parts A Count = 0
OBTS Parts B Count = 0
OBTS Unknown (first instance) = 00 00 00 00 FF FF 01
OBTS Unknown (second instance) = 00 00

With INRD and OBTE set, it is then up to the author of sorting mods or mods that modify naming rules how to utilize the keywords the item is tagged with. In this way, sorting mods do not need to modify armor records to accomplish sorting and mods that add new armor/clothing can be sorted automatically as long both modders use these community keywords.

This community resource was initially envisioned and realized by Valdacil and Gambit77 in order to make Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) compatible with Armorsmith. Once we got started, we realized this would be a great framework to universalize the armor modding community and make life easier for both armor modders and sorting modders.

Valdacil's Item Sorting (v5.0+):
Armorsmith (v2.1+):