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Patch repo for all the patches I make for Horizon that dont currently have or need their own page.

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Current Horizon Version: 1.8.7

These patches should be fine to add to an ongoing save. Just note that any already spawned items will not adhere to the changes.

Current up to date patches:

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

  • Lots of records forwarded. Anything that made sense and didnt break or undo any balance changes.
  • Things like Radrat > Rad-rat and Vim > Vim!. Also forwarded some of the glowing creature patches that Horizon lacked
  • Now includes a patch for DEFUI. Load this after both Z_Horizon_DEFUI.esp and UF4P-Horizon.esp.


  • Robot Armor Condition (Optional Files)
  • Location Respawn Blockers. This adds this keyword "EncounterRespawnBlocker" to locations where it was missed to prevent breaking quests.

Misc Stuff:

  • Full Dialogue Interface | String Update. The last one got removed so I made a new one. Does not need Horizon. Should work with UF4P as well.

In progress patches and mods:
All of these mods are available on the Horizon discord unless otherwise stated

My Other Mods: