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Patch repo for all the patches I make for Horizon that dont currently have or need their own page.

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Current Horizon Version: 1.8.7

These patches should be fine to add to an ongoing save. Just note that any already spawned items will not adhere to the changes.

Current up to date patches:

Creation Club Patches:

  • Shi Paint Creation Club Content. For both weapon and armor

REQUIRES THE DLC ALL PLUGIN (Select the all in one option, not any or all)

  • Lots of records forwarded. Anything that made sense and didnt break or undo any balance changes.
  • Things like Radrat > Rad-rat and Vim > Vim!. Also forwarded some of the glowing creature patches that Horizon lacked
  • Now includes a patch for DEFUI. Load this after both Z_Horizon_DEFUI.esp and UF4P-Horizon.esp.


  • Robot Armor Condition (Optional Files)
  • Location Respawn Blockers. This adds this keyword "EncounterRespawnBlocker" to locations where it was missed to prevent breaking quests.
  • Partial Tag - Loot Respawn. This adds the Partial Tag to prevent previs/precombine issues. Load right after these two plugins from the main horizon install

Misc Stuff:

  • Full Dialogue Interface | String Update. The last one got removed so I made a new one. Does not need Horizon. Should work with UF4P as well.

Created Mods:
This section is about mods I have created for Horizon. They may also contain patches for other mods.
Nuka World Fizztop Grille
This mod adds the Tech Lab and Weapon Lab to the interior of the Fizztop Grille. It also links all interior benches together.
- Contains a patch for the workshop mod, though it doesnt require it

In progress patches and mods:

All of these mods are available on the Horizon discord unless otherwise stated

What does "In Progress" actually mean?
It means that I am aware of the mod, intend on patching it, but am not ready to post it here. This does not mean that the patch is actually in progress. This only means that I want to patch it.

My Other Mods: