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Reduces MCM loading time to nearly instant loading

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  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Czech
MCM Booster

Reduces the MCM Menu loading time from many seconds (or even minutes) to a fraction of the time (nearly instant). This mod caches the configuration files (json) in a serialized and very fast readable form. Works for any language.

  • Install with any Mod Organizer

Savegame safety
Absolutely safe. Contains no plugins and does no changes to your savegame. Can be installed/uninstalled at any time.

Incompatible with MainMenu-Interface replacers (containing MainMenu.swf). Simple main menu sound/graphic replacers are compatible.
If you're using a Main-Menu-News-Remover and you DON'T use any CC content, you can use this alternative ini setting for news-removal: Disable Creation Club Completely (Incl. Removing Main Menu News)

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Seeing is believing :) The following videos show the MCM menu with russian translation, which have extreme high loading times.
(Thanks to ChikadoZ for making the both videos for comparison)

Default MCM Loading

Boosted MCM Loading

The Collective Modding discord (hosting the FallUI hub, testing and morale support)
The MCM team: registrator2000, Neanka and shadowslasher410 (for their awesome MCM menu)
Bethesda (Fallout 4)
The Nexus community