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0. Important Information
This guide

  • assumes that you now how to make patches with xEdit
  • doesn't claim to be perfect
  • only works for guns, not melee weapons
There is an automated weapon patcher xEdit script for FROST, however, it is not perfect. It can't patch everything, and sometimes does things wrong. It will still help you a lot if you use it though. The script isn't written in a perfect programming style, but it does it job fairly well.

You should also take a look at kjg92's weapon patches for FROST. He patched a lot of weapons for Frost, and taking a look at them in xEdit will help you to understand how to edit weapons for FROST:

There is also an automated script with can partially patch weapons for FROST, but it doesn't do all the work and the results that it provides are not perfect and might need soem tweaks. The script can be found on the FROST Discord Server:
as well as here on the nexus:

1. Change the weapon damage
Edit the weapon directly to adjust its damage. In most cases, that means to increase its damage by 40-110%, depending on the weapon type. In some rare cases, like the vanilla double barreled shotgun, the damage is increased by 300% in FROST.
A good idea is to check how Frost.esp or RedsFrostFixes.esp edit weapons that are similar to your weapon.
If the weapon had some special properties, you might want to adjust them as well. For example, it doesn't make sense to increase the direct damage of a grenade launcher or rocket launcher, in such a case you should rather change the damage of the explosion that the weapon makes.

2. Flag the weapon as "NPCs use ammo"

3. Adjust general balancing of the weapon
Weapon added by mods often tend to be over-powered in some way. This can mean that they do too much damage, or that they are not heavy enough, or that they have a range that is way to high. In such cases, tune this stuff down a bit.
Check the crafting recipes of the weapon modifications, and balance them if necessary, to avoid that the weapon can be upgraded too easily.

4. Adjust custom ammo
If the weapon mod adds custom ammo, you need to increase the value of the ammo between x5 and x10 times of its original value.
If necessary, use leveled lists script injection to add the new ammo properly into ammo related leveled lists

5. De-level Leveled Lists
If the mod adds custom leveled lists, take a look at them to de-level them. For ammo leveled lists, decrease
the amount of ammo you can find (only if it uses custom ammo). De-leveling means to set the level of each item in a Leveled List to 1, so that the weapons can spawn at every level. Do not set them to level 0!

6. De-level modcols (object mod collections)
Similar to leveled lists, you have to de-level modcols of the weapon. This means to set the level of each weapon modification in the mod collection to 1.
But there is another important thing that you have to do. Just setting the levels of each weapon modification is not balanced, because the chance of finding a good receiver would be the same as finding a bad receiver. FROST makes bad weapon modifications more common then good modifications, for obvious balancing and progression reasons.

A modcol in vanilla might look like this:
  • Bad Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • A bit better Receiver (appears at player level >= 20)
  • Good Receiver (appears at player level >= 40)

In FROST, it looks like this:
  • - Bad Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • Bad Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • Bad Receiver (appears at player level >=1)
  • Bad Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • Bad Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • Bad Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • A bit better Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • A bit better Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)
  • Good Receiver (appears at player level >= 1)

The chance in FROST to get a bad weapon receiver has a high probability, and the chance to get a good weapon receiver has a low probability, but you can technically find them at any level.
Keep in mind that modcols are often hierarchically structured (like a tree).
So one modcol has have a reference to two other modcols instead of
direct weapon mods. In this case, but you have to patch them in a
similar way:
  • Modcol Barrels = (Modcol_Short_Barrel, Level >= 1),(Modcol-Long-Barrels, Level >= 20) <----- Vanilla
  • Modcol Barrels = (Modcol_Short_Barrel, Level >= 1),(Modcol-Long-Barrels, Level >= 1) <------ FROST

Then you have to edit Modcol_Short_Barrel and Modcol_Short_Barrel like mentioned before. You have to do this with barrels, receivers, grips,
muzzles, sights, etc. Of course depending on your weapon mod, this takes a looooot of work. So if you are lazy, you can skip some of this stuff.
I would highly recommend to ALWAYS de-level the modcols regarding grips and receivers though

6. Weapon Modification
Now comes the annoying part: You have to edit the in-game gun modifications. In
most cases, you only have to edit the receivers.

6.1 Rename the receivers and their misc item:
You have to rename the weapon
mods, one time at the "MISC ITEM" section of xedit, and then the weapon
modification directly. An example is: Vanilla "Standard Receiver", in
FROST its "Broken Receiver". You also have to edit the description of
some weapon modifications too, depending on what happens in 6.2

6.2 Add and change the receiver values.
Here you have to look how certain
receivers where changed for a similar weapon in FROST, and basically
replicate these changes. Often the damage is decreased (because we've
increased the weapon damage earlier), and for some weapon modifications
we have to add a lower rate of fire. Do this with every receiver, there
should be around 8-12 receivers

7. Resolve leveled lists conflicts and change script injections
Check if if the mod edits the same leveled lists as FROST, and merge FROST's changes with the changes of the mod that you want to patch for FROST. Make sure that everything is de-leveled though.

If the mod that you want to patch for FROST uses a quest with a papyrus to inject items or leveled lists into leveled lists, you need to edit those quests as well. For that, you should make sure that not every survivor gets the new weapon, but rather only certain NPC factions, like Army Remnants or the Metro Federation. You should take a look at kjg's mods to see how it is done properly: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/articles/3628

8. Remove legendary versions of the weapon
In FROST, only a few select unique legendary weapons exist. Those weapons are well balanced and not OP, and are mostly melee weapons. However, the weapon mod that you are patching might add a ranged and OP legendary gun that destroys balancing completely. So you should disable them

9. Check some misc stuff
If the mod adds certain other things that are not related to the weapon, check if they have to edited as well.
This means that you have check if there are any lore inconsistencies, like notes or journals that mention vanilla Fallout 4 events. FROST plays five years after the war, and not 200 like in the vanilla game. So notes mentioning Diamond City, Synths etc. should be changed or removed.
If the mod adds NPCs, make sure that they are not flagged as legendary enemies, and that they are have a FROST-friendly name (like "Survivor" instead of "Raider")

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