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The mod has "Cinematic" and "Player View" killcams.

Permissions and credits
These are machine translations. If my English doesn't make sense or is rude, I'm sorry to trouble you. 

[Updated to version 1.6]
  • "Cinematic" killcam now occurs at various angles. I hope this reduces the chance of ugly kill cams.

  • Excludes kills by companions. (There are no kill cameras by Mr. Boone.)
  • Compatibility with some enemies from DLC and mods in a way that doesn't require patches.
  • Adjustable "Slow time" speed.
  • Added adjustable distance filter. (There is no "player view" kill cams that look 50 yards ahead.)
  • Fixed some flags. Thank you elzee.

[ v1.6.x - Experimental BETA]

Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
Mod Configuration Menu

The mod has "Cinematic" and "Player View" killcams.

Customizable using MCM. 

Immediately exit killcam with keyboard E / TAB key or controller activate / pause button. 

There is a crash bug when using a stim pack during a slow-motion sequence. 
For safety reasons, in slow-motion sequence limits the favorites menu. but please note when using hotkey mods. 

The 'Cinematic' may not occur to some creatures and NPCs (or those added by mods) 

Not compatible with other kill camera mods.

If you want the killcam to occur even during Jet or bullet time mods, turn ON the
"Compatibility, fixes, etc." > "Slow time" setting.(The speed of time depends on that 'Slow time')

If the camera state is not restored after 'Cinematic', set
"Compatibility, fixes, etc." > "Camera status after the 'Cinematic'"
(You can also use the "Show camera status detection"setting to check if the mod is correctly recognizing the camera status.) 

The console command for rebooting is:

This is my friend lKocMoHaBTl's new killcam mod, please check out these amazing effects and versatile camera work. F4llout NV - Killcam (Cinematic Killcamera Mod)

Video Showcase:

Thanks to yarawu for showcasing the mod in a video. 

YouTubeでmodを紹介してくださった GKCH げーきち  様に感謝いたします。

My other YouTube video: about v1.1 
(You can disable the "VATS screen effect" used in the video. )
(Replaced the settings menu from Holotape to MCM. )


F4SE Team for Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) (このmodなしでは動作しません)
reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410 for Mod Configuration Menu (このmodなしでは動作しません)
ElminsterAU and the xEdit Team for FO4Edit 
BigAndFlabby - Glass for How to convert ESPs into ESLs using xEdit 
Niftools for NifSkope 
McGuffin for QuickBsaExtractor 
Sagittarius22 for F4NV - Cinematic Last Kill (このmodから着想を得ました)
registrator2000 for HUDFramework 
PapaiJarda for FO4 INI Settings and GMST Dump 
Qudix for Custom Camera 
MrSaitama for In-game Third Person Camera Config 
TheFriedturkey - HcGxGrill - C411um13 - MrColonelMustard for Project Mojave 
Orvid for Champollion PEX to Papyrus Decompiler
この記事 の Skyrim SEおぼえがき 様に感謝いたします。
Foan - KernalsEgg for No Camera Collision 
kureha for No Collision Camera 
Fallout4 Mod データベース 様の この投稿に感謝いたします。
Creation Kit

Special thanks:

maddadicusrexjmd2015MozzlyProIn5urgentmarsxcCookiemonsta234, DHDisciple, elzee,
JimmyCM123, BigBozat