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completely redecorates the Railroad HQ

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Edit: Thank you guys so much for 100 Endorsements! 
Edit: Thank you guys so much for 500 Endorsements!  
P.S please check out more of Su Lee music. She so awesome

 Even though it's clear the railroad is a struggling faction in the commonwealth, I still feel that their base of operations in vanilla fallout 4 is extremely underwhelming.
   There is not really any living spaces for individual characters, and no life in the environment. 
  This mod aims to fix that by changing the physical environment.
   There are now personalized spaces for iconic characters like Desdemona, tinker-tom, deacon and others. The Player character also has their own quarters with a private terminal, bed, and power-armor station.  
   A grave will also be triggered for glory in her quarters at the same time as patriot's grave, which has also been relocated and revised. I've cleaned up all trash -and some bricks and re-navmeshed the cell. I've also added a pathway across the waters in the railroad escape tunnel because lets be real, no one likes soggy socks.


   -a single unwanted light source in glory's quarters that I can't remove. 
   -A handful of NPC's wont use there assigned beds. These include Desdemona, Drummer boy, and Deacon.
   -possibility some users may notice that a couple of chalkboard writing stays in original location and dose not move with the chalkboard
   -Some people are experience objects rotated at odd angles causing them to clip into each other /a= and objects
and a couple hours of testing I was able to experience this bug on other mods unrelated to my own. Not sure if this is a compatibility issue, or a result of something changing with fallouts updates. 

   Credit to @BecomingNplus1  
 listed mods below are compatible
1. Railroad HQ - Direct Entrance and Exit via Manhole
2. Faction Housing Overhaul - All In One 
- may experience some pathfinding issue due to conflicting navmeshes but works well otherwise
3. Glowing RailRoad Signs
4. Look At Me - Railroad Edition

load this mod very low / after these other mods.

Credit to @ CodeNamed1
also compatible
Railroad HQ - Player Home

    -Linking all workbenches in the cell
    -compatibility patches for other mods
    -maybe retouching the lighting


  -The people have spoken, and I've been asked to open a discord for my projects. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing this community grow!! 
much love!!
-and should you like to support me on patreon with a custom pledge -I would greatly appreciate it.