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Adds glow to the RailRoad signs.

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The RailRoad signs share the same BGSM material. This mod makes a small edit to the material file, which enables Emittance, in other words glow effect. The download contains the material as loose file, there is no plugin. If you are not satisfied with how it looks, but still want it glowing:
  • Download Material Editor
  • Open the file in the editor: \Fallout 4\Data\Materials\SetDressing\Railroad\RRSigns01Alpha.BGSM
  • Change the Emittance Color and Emittance Multiplier however you like and test how it looks in the game

Emittance color - controls the color of the glow only.
Emittance multiplier - controls how strong is the glow. Lower the number to reduce the glow effect.

This mod was created, because of request in the forums.