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SCHIZOPHRENIA is a extensive (and very customizable) audio mod that aims to change your Sole Survivor into a traumatized schizophrenic that barely holds it together. This mod replaces Main Menu, Music, VATS sounds, XP gain and many other UI sounds with creepy whispering, voices and other disturbing sounds.

Permissions and credits
Contrary to what the name of this mod suggests, it doesn't actually give you schizophrenia, nor does it introduce any new "schizophrenic" game mechanics. What it does is it replaces almost all Music and various UI sounds (VATS, level up, XP gain, etc.) with creepy whispers, disturbing sounds and schizophrenic voices. You can also optionally install a new Main Menu replacer. I've collected multiple audio samples from various authors/sources (credits below) and compiled, edited and mixed them to create unique "music" tracks and sound effects.

Behind you!
Below you'll find a complete list of all new tracks and sounds introduced by this mod. You can pick and choose which ones do you want to install and which ones you don't in the FOMOD installer. 

All replaced music tracks/sounds:
  • All Combat Music
  • Exploration Music
  • VATS
  • New Quest, Quest Completed and Quest Failed
  • Death Music
  • XP Gain
  • Level Up
  • Location Discovery
  • Menu Navigation (not all sounds, Pip-Boy remains mostly intact)
  • Legendary Item
  • Legendary Enemy Mutation


Installing using Vortex/Nexus Mod Manager (or any other mod manager that is capable of running a FOMOD installer) is highly recommended. But you can also install manually by extracting only the files that you personally want to use (all folders are named by what they contain). 

Also, here are some great mods that you can use together with mine to turn your game into a real psychological terror: PILGRIMPilgrim themed Main MenuMurder_Death_ScreamGRIM - The CurseGRIM ENBWhispering HillsTerrifyer - GhoulsHorrorghouls soundpackD.E.C.AY - Better GhoulsA Cannibal in ConcordChildren of Ug-QualtothThe Kelly Manor HorrorDamage Voice More FrequentlyS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Music ModFROST Survival Simulator, Fainthearth Manor

Huge thank you to the creators over at Freesound.org for the inspiration and for the audio samples I used in this project: dimbark1, hykenfreak, carmsie, horroraudio, djchaos, gabemiller74, unfa, elizaeilis, hauntedswkids, pjhodson, maxdemianagl, screamstudio, neweonorchestra, ebrown15, brainclaim, belarathbone, geoneo0, aderumoro, ameangelofsin, onderwish, jealoussiblingprison, the baron, thpsounds, hinzebeat, qubodup, mullumbimby, hoerspielwerkstatt-hef, morgantj, mcmikai, inspectorj, litruv, limitsnap-creations, ladyimperatrix, luzanne0, drotzruhn, patricklieberkind, klankbeeld

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