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Has you never really been a fan of the futuristic design of Sanctuary? Do you wish you could instead have Sanctuary look like the houses found elsewhere in the commonwealth? Worry about said problem no longer!

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- Mod Overview -
When you were first introduced to Sanctuary Hills, did the futuristic design of the little community seem strange to you? Have you ever sat and wished that your Sanctuary could instead look like the townhouses found elsewhere all across the Commonwealth? I present you Anom's Sanctuary Hills Overhaul, my alternative take on Sanctuary Hills! This mod is a comprehensive and major overhaul of Sanctuary Hills, a different flavor choice for those wanting something new and unique. 

This is the second mod I created for Fallout 4, and I tried my best to make it function as best as I can. That does not mean I did not make mistakes, or that minor problems didn't slip through. Please, if you find any issue, report them on the bug reports page! I cannot figure everything out myself, and need to be aware of any issues. I hope you enjoy my creation, and stick around to see what else I'll create in the future. 


- Main Changes -
- Overhauls Sanctuary to take on a more natural appearance in comparison to the commonwealth.
- Replaces the very unique, (depending on who you ask) strange roads, with ones that more match the commonwealth's normal roads. 
- Replaces the old wooden bridge with a concrete one that fits the area a bit better, in my opinion. 
- Increases the depth of the river, mainly on the side of the bridge closer to Misty Lake. 
- (v1.1) Adds a Visitor's Center, with historical information and lore to boot. 
- (v1.1) Adds a dock just outside of town, not accessible by the build menu, but still good for lore purposes. 
- (v1.2) Adds multiple smaller houses around the area.
- (v1.2) Locks up three houses, which have plywood blockades that can be scrapped. 

Would you like a different take on my Sanctuary Hills Overhual?
Get the version with fixed buildings, made by Sucide1234, "Anom's Sanctuary Hills Overhaul - Repaired Houses"

- Compatibility -
Older saves may have some issues. Specifically, it is noted that, if an older save is used, the Workshop will be out of place. You can find it placed inside the white house beside the yellow one, and it won't be accessible unless you enable clipping and use a mod or console to move it. As far as I can tell, there is no way to alleviate this issue on my end.

Another issue of note; the LOD does not seem to match the new changes. I do not know how to mess with LODs, and I don't want to break anything, so I have not touched them, meaning it might appear that Sanctuary still looks like the default from farther distances. 

- Credits -
TheCoolest7248 for inspiring this mod with his mod, "Do Your Damn Job Codsworth -- A Sanctuary Hills Overhaul," in which I borrowed the idea of a pool behind one of the buildings from (though I didn't copy their version of it).
- Every single person reading this right now. I hope you enjoy the mod, and even if you didn't end up getting it, I'm grateful you stopped by.