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Standalone versions with tons of bug fixes for Thirdstorm's Unique NPCs, and also complimentary versions of Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters, And Supermutant Redux

Permissions and credits
Thirdstorm's Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters mod is incredible. There's just one problem: too many chickens. Way to many chickens. And Rabbits, and squirrels. Also, nightstrikers are a bit weird. And there are a bunch of bugs. Oh, and D.E.C.A.Y. is incompatible with Sim Settlements 2. Once upon a time, Thirdstorm said that maybe he would add some customizability and fix the bugs, but he never got around to it. Fair enough, so I went ahead and fixed it.

As featured in Life in the Ruins
see the modlist in the Wabbajack Gallery for more information

Standalone Version
This is a version of the mod which removes the requirement for AWKCR.
Also Includes
-Reverted all changes to scaling, mod added non-boss creatures (bleaters, spiders, etc) no longer scale infinitely
-Removed Nightstrikers/Nightstalkers (NEW in version 2 - if you want nightstrikers download Nighstrikers, it's been updated since the Thirdstorm merged it in)
-Removed unnessary edits to FEV Hounds to improve compatibility.
-Reduced rabbit, chicken, and squirrel spawns
-Reduced Nightstriker spawns
-Nerfs to squirrels and spiders HP
-Correction of naming (Radspider instead of Rad Spider, Rad-Spider and RadSpider, etc)
-Spider loot has been simplified (no more torsos, no more silk)
-Fixes to faction hostility (you should find fewer randomly dead Radroaches)
-Dogs (mod added and vanilla) do not share templates with Dogmeat (NoSharedDogmeatTemplate patches are no longer required)
-Spider recipes and ingestibles have been consolidated, (no more multiple types of meat and eggs)
-Spider Stew recipe now actually makes spider stew, instead of spider meat
-"Spider Spawn" consolidated with "Spider Hatchlings"
-Spiders no longer spawn in vault 111 (changed minimum level)
-Fixed looping bleaters
-Removed unfinished shack in concord
-Everything that was required from AWKCR has been merged into the main plugin (it wasn't much).

Super-Mutant Redux
I include an AWKCR free version of Super Mutant redux here, that has the same fixes to scaling that my UNPC has. If you want an infinitely scaling version of SMR, grab the one found here instead non-AWKCR version of Super Mutant Redux
Use one or the other of these, not both.

Alternatively, if you want something a little more lightweight, check out West Coast and DC Supermutants.

Deadlier Deathclaws
The original Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters includes More Deathclaw Variety, which Deadlier Deathclaws is built on top of. This means that all the visual deathclaw varieties are ALREADY included in unique NPCs, the only thing the original deadlier patch did was adjust scaling. If all you want is more deathclaw skins, then this mod is ALL YOU NEED. If you want more difficult deathclaws, then you can grab the patch I've made, which bumps their resistance up, and gives them more speed, and restores the chameleon effect to chameleon deathclaws.

UNPC - Names, Weights, Heights
Lightweight version of the Unique NPCs mod (the NPCs one, NOT the creatures), contains the changes to Names, Weights, and Heights from that mod, without any of the extra textures, scaling changes.

Optional Patches

Dangerous Deathclaws: Adds an increasing speed boost to deathclaws based on their missing health, boosts stats and resistances, and adds the chameleon effect (from Deadlier Deathclaws) to the chameleon Deathclaws.

For UNPC Creatures and Monsters, install the main file, then install this. You don't need the hotfix.
For Super Mutant Redux, install the main file, then install the SMR file from here.
For UNPC height/weights, install the file from here. You don't need anything else.

My Other Mods

Creative Perks Plus - Finishing what TaliRedmint started - a total perk overhaul.

Gunmetal Faction Distribution Framework -  An (almost) AWKCR-free framework for distribution of Gunmetal Armor, Weapon and Clothing Skins (and who doesn't love free skins?), as well as Creation Club skins.