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My attempt to make children settlers work better in Sim Settlements

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Sim Settlements 2 version now available at Sim Settlements 2 Child Support

Orphans of the Commonwealth - More Children
, ANiceOakTree's Diverse Children, Childrens of Settlements, and maybe others will add children as settlers. See my mod Merged Child Mods with Extras for what I use. Sim Settlements has support to allow children to be assigned to agricultural plots. It will also assign a child to a residential plot however children never sleep in the beds. Are also very few animation markers that children will use. So they often wonder around all night doing nothing.

This is my attempt to make children sleep in most residential plots through all stages and also to make more animation markers work for children.

Pick weeds animation was one of a few that already worked for children. I have added about 25 more animations to those children can use. Are a number of animations I did not include because they would either force the child to scale up to the default human size or would clip into objects like the animation pose for leaning over a table. Are a some others I deemed inappropriate for children to do at this time like using a blow torch.

I set a flag on beds to allow children to use them. I also turned off the keyword for some beds that made the user scale to the default human size. Are some Sim Settlement addons that also modify a SimSettlements.esm built in bed. Generally to do a texture swap. These are not compatible with my edit (unless you do a merge mod). So whichever is loaded last wins out. If my mod is last then a child can use the bed but it will not have the texture swap resulting in the default look. If the other mod is last then child can not use the bed but will have the mods intended look for the bed. Some residential plot mods I believe use a custom bed so a child will not use it. You can also use Orphan's Beds to give children a bed to sleep in.

Even though the file name is an esp this mod has the esl flag turned on so should not take up a mod slot.

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