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Boston Airport Redux - Better Brotherhood of Steel HQ

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Boston Airport Redux - Better BoS HQ
I made Boston Airport better base for the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS).

Vortex Install Instructions:  

Download with manager and install.

MO2 Install Instructions:  

Download, install and activate.

Manual Install Instructions:

Download and unzip to Fallout 4\ folder e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\

How to Update:
1) Uninstall script/quest version.  Don't just uncheck the ESP in your load order: UNINSTALL.
2) Load save, move to other location (e.g. Sanctuary) and re-save.
3) Install new version
4) Save, optional check save with FallrimTools.

Version without script, just replace should work fine.

Adds 15 BoS soldiers, 5 Sentry bots, Barricades and Vertibirds, so you can travel to Cambridge Police Station and back to the Prydwen.

Mod uses script and quest to check the status of quests and enables/disables Vertibird in Cambridge Police Station.

Once you start Shadow of Steel quest(or already finished it) and land on Prydwen it will activate Vertibird and disable cars in parking garage.
When you want to destroy the Prydwen, Vertibird will be disabled. Optional download file without script and quest.

No DLC or mod needed. When you use Fo4FI_FPS_fix or Boston FPS fix place it after to disable the cars at the Airport.




I used yomamma511 Sentry bots and change them.

My other mod: Brotherhood of Steel Outpost Blueprints

Thanks and Credits: