About this mod

A complete overhaul of the Brotherhood of Steel, Turning them into the Commonwealths Foremost super power.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • Czech

  • This mod modifies character data. It requires a new game to work.
  • Requires Far Harbor DLC.
    I truly appreciate all my users and fans, you guys are why I made this mod.Thank you, everyone.

This mod aims to completely overhaul the Brotherhood of Steel and make them into a modern, formidable faction.

This is the most comprehensive BoS faction overhaul anywhere. I have spent hundreds of hours working on the textures, weapons, armors, etc.

This is also one of the most successful Brotherhood overhauls, with over 88,000 Xbox One users with 2,000, 5 star ratings and 10,000 PC users with 350, 5 star ratings on bethesda.net.

fter the defeat of the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland the Brotherhood of Steel was left with a large job ahead of themselves. Seeing the Enclave emerge from hiding armed with weapons, vehicles, and armor more advanced than anything ever seen taught the Brotherhood of Steel one thing...they were not the strongest force within the USA.

Despite winning their campaign against the Enclave, thanks largely in part to the Lone Wanderer, victory came at a heavy cost. Many lives were lost, Liberty Prime lay as a slagged out heap of metal, and the Brotherhood of Steel lost many weapons and armor. However their was a light at the end of this tunnel.

Months after their victory Scribes discovered many of the manufacturing facilities onboard the Mobile Crawler we're still functional, if not in need of minor repair. ETA TBC.

  • Completely overhauled the health attributes of every BoS soldier.
  • Overhauled the health of the Vertibird to make them not be flying paper airplanes.
  • Vertibird have had their weapons overhauled to now do more damage.
  • Vertibird door gun now does significantly more damage to allow for proper ass kicking on the fly.
  • Non power armor brotherhood soldiers now use the new BLR-4(LIPC laser rifle) with custom textures and projectiles.
  • Power armor brotherhood soldiers now use the BGL-2(LIPC Gatling Laser) with custom textures.
  • The brotherhood combat armor has been buffed to be the strongest combat armor mod in game(still in line with game progression) and now has custom textures.
  • Buffed the BoS T-60 power armor slightly and greatly increases durability for less repairs, also features new custom made textures.
  • New power armor frame textures to match the new T-60.
  • New textures for all brotherhood clothing, including initiate, field scribe, knight uniform, etc, and all can be ballistic weaved.
  • Fixed knight Lancers so they wear their bomber jacket.
  • Rank 40+ BoS soldiers can spawn in with the new BoS Marine Combat armor(a superior version of the Marine Armor) that has custom textures. Teagan sells this armor at Paladin rank and it can be crafted from Marine Armor at Paladin Rank.
  • New BoS dog armor can be purchased from Teagan and will be worn by dogs who accompany BoS patrols out in the commonwealth.
  • Teagan has had an inventory update and now sales all the new brotherhood of steel items I created.
  • Entirely new textures for the Vertibird and Prydwen, including internal Pyrdwen textures.
  • New BoS flag.
  • X-111 Compound now makes you immune to radiation for 1 hour, to properly fit the description of said compound.
  • Added an armory to the Cambridge Police Station.

  • New fusion cell/fusion core textures.

  • Game can crash on first flight to the Prydwen.
  • I have not tested this with every mod. There may be compatibility issues I have not accounted for.
  • Any mod that edits the BoS textures, assets, character data, etc will likely conflict.
  • If started in the middle of a save game, can cause issues like no AP regen.
  • Any texture overhaul that uses loose files will have issues if they edit textures I do. I have a stickied comment of those textures to look for and delete from whatever overhaul you have.

Special Thanks:
- Elianora for compiling these.
- DixiePig for Slooty Vault Jumpsuit
- Ellise for the textures on the belt and boots
- Jordan1q2 for the JC - Shirt & Jeans
CBBE and BodySlide/Outfit Studio by Caliente and Ousnius
- fadingsignal for the playing card texture and the GO model pillow texture
- Alecu for the Rogue outfit
- SydneyB for the Ashara FO4 Steampunk Lady

  • Does not require a new game. Just download and update.
  • Overhauled the Cambridge Police Station to include and armory, and a closet with ration cases.
  • All textures have been overhauled. They are now all Apocalyptic! All textures are now worn, except Libery Prime who has pristine due to being made during the course of the game.
  • New Laser Beam created and added to every BLR-4 and BGL-2 in the game.
  • Added bodyslide files for the Knight Pants Uniform, and the Marine Combat Boots. Make sure to single build these individually, including all 4 Marine Boots. Files are Listed as follows:
  • FPantsKnightUniform.
  • FBoSMarineRLeg
  • FBoSMarineRLeg1
  • FBoSMarineLLeg
  • FBoSMarineLLeg1
  • Added lore to the computers in the Prydwen, Lore to loading screens, and other places it fit, as well as changing the T-60 Lore and making the sanctuary power armor soldiers at the vault wear T-51.
  • In new games Maxson now wears his Elder T-60 Power Armor.  No more will he lead the charge on the Institute in his armored jacket, now he assaults it in a full getup of T-60 Elder Armor. I get it, Maxsons jacket was awsome, and yes it is armored but Maxson is single handily the most important member of the BoS and I found just his armored jacket leaves him to vulnerable. The Commonwealth is a war zone, and this is a combat deployment for the BoS, Maxson should be in his T-60 while deployed.
  • The Apocalyptic Edition will be the main version from now on. I will be uploading an optional file that brings back the pristine textures.
  • Fixed a number of dirty edits with FO4Edit allowing you to let LOOT decide where to put this mod.