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Scrap all that ugly bramble-junk and vines and piles of leaves in your settlement - or outside, if using Place Everywhere. Can also use a craftable holotape to remove the bramble-junk within the settlement boundaries automatically.

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Scrap the bramble-junk and vines in your settlement while in workshop mode. Or use a holotape to remove it all automatically.

Version 1.9d added a terminal option to remove everything in one fell swoop (added by request).

Version 1.9c removed some unneeded test-cells from this mod that you cannot normally get to in the game (didn't touch QASmoke though, so don't worry).

Version 1.9b replaces some piles of debri with collision that I unfortunately made invisible.

Version 1.9a for the Optional Shorter Grass - actually is shorter grass now.

Version 1.9: As always, keep the last version just in case there is an issue with this one. Be prepared to revert to the older version and save-file.

This version:
* removes 3 files accidentally included that *would not* have broken precombines - but still shouldn’t have been added
* uses a different means of hiding the brambles (compatible with prior versions)
* adds a holotape fix to disable two collision planes at Abernathy Farm
* adds a holotape fix to clean up the mirelurk gunk at The Castle for non-Minutemen playthroughs

Version 1.8b: As always, remember to keep the last version just in case there is an issue with this one! If you have issues then revert to the older version and an older save-file.

This is the Fertilizer edition. For some reason the base game doesn't give some people fertilizer when they scrap bushes/vines/leaves manually (Bethesda...). If you do it automatically you will get fertilizer added to the workbench (1 fertilizer per bush/vine/pile of leaves).

Version 1.8: Remember to keep the last version, just in case there is an issue with this one! (I've had a lot of problems with it, been a steep learning curve.) If you have issues then revert to the older version and an older save-file.

I call this the "Pick Up Bricks" version - because you can also clean up some of those scattered bricks. It also acts on more vines, lets you remove some shiny surface puddles and some of the scattered dirt.

Version 1.7c: Should fix the floating bushes at Nuka World Transit Center and adjust a bush near Covenant. Remember: if you have been running 1.7b, you need to revert to a save where you were running 1.7a before upgrading to this version.

Version 1.7b: Please revert to version 1.7a (and remember to revert to an earlier save-file as well).

Version 1.7a: Fixes the CK-related breakage of Far Harbor and Nuka World. If you were playing with 1.7, revert to a savefile where you were running 1.6a - make a copy of that savefile just in case! - and then upgrade to 1.7a.

Version 1.7: Adds marshberry plants (the gunk at The Castle) and seaweed.


Allows the user to clean up trash: scattered bricks mostly, and those flat shiny puddle-things, and the scattered areas of dirt. (Also some bloodstains and some more vines.) The puddle-things and scattered dirt are technically known as "projected decals" and cannot be removed in workshop mode - you have to use the holotape (choose the Trash option).

Given recurring issues with this mod: Please save the current version and the savefile before updating. If you have issues, let me know and revert to the prior version and savefile.


Bethesda used piles of leaves to hide unnaturally-straight seams and other ugliness in the world. While you can wipe all the leaves away in your settlement from the holotape, you might find it looks much worse without those leaves covering the straight lines and other ugliness.

Best to selectively scrap the piles of leaves manually in workshop mode. (The insides of the Sanctuary buildings actually clean up nicely.)


Far Harbour
Nuka World
Settlement Menu Manager

You can also create the bramble-junk in workshop mode if you want. (Requires Settlement Menu Manager.)

~~~Install Order~~~
Install after flora mods and before any settlement mods. Mods which alter precombines (including some flora mods) *must* be installed after this mod!

~~~Compatible With~~~
Fallout 4 Seasons (tested with Spring)

~~~Not Compatible With~~~
Any mod which makes bramble-junk invisible. You don't need this anyway.

If you have installed version 1.1, please revert your game and remove it. I accidentally created that from a version corrupted by the Creation

Version 1.2 should function properly, allowing you to scrap vines and allowing you to now access the duffel bag over the bridge
from Sanctuary.

Version 1.3 now gives you vines to scrap. /facepalm

Version 1.4 allows you to scrap piles of dead leaves - use carefully, these were used by Bethesda to cover a lot of unnatural seams.

Version 1.5 fixes previs and precombine timestamp issues with Automatron and Vault-Tec.

Version 1.6a fixes issues with bad meshes.

Version 1.7 allows you to scrap marshberry plants (like from The Castle) and seaweed.

Version 1.8 allows you to scrap more vines, clean away bricks, and get rid of shiny shallow puddles and scattered dirt in an area.

Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: When I go into the menu area to build bramble-junk, it CTDs.
A: That is a random bug that happens - I have no real idea why, I suspect a mesh which the workshop menu dislikes.

For the moment: either remove this mod or don't go into that menu area.

Note: The future version "Clean My Settlement: REDUX" is in extended testing and no longer allows the building of bramble-junk. This will also remove the dependency upon Settlement Menu Manager.

Q: Is this compatible with X flora mod?
A: Test it and see.

Q: Will you make it compatible with X flora mod?
A: No. Making it compatible with Fallout 4 Seasons was difficult enough. Making it *also* compatible with other flora mods that are done in a different way? If not a texture replacer (like Fallout 4 Seasons) then it'll be a completely new way of doing it - which would be a massive hassle.

Q: What's the "Shorter Forest Grass" version mean?
A: Watch this short video to see the difference between normal and the optional shorter forest grass: