Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

Permissions and credits

200 years after atomic bombs scorched the world, the Commonwealth has been forever changed. When the ash of war settled and the embers cooled, it revealed an altered and new world. Where tall elms once stood now stand saguaro cacti. Where pines used to grow near the brook now sprout joshua trees. From Concord to Atlantic Offices, the landscape has been transformed into that of an old western. Something akin to what you'd see on the West Coast. The sun now scorches hotter and the earth has been forever changed, and the Commonwealth is a blistering example and reminder of mankind's mistakes. This mod is a spiritual successor to the now-dead Dustbowl Overhaul. Desperados Overhaul features new, realistic desert flora, complete with full LODs and various extra details. It also includes high-quality landscape and rock textures for everything needed to make the world feel like a true Mojave in Boston. Strap on your spurs, and grab your big iron, this ain't no nuclear winter, Desperado.

Simply drag and drop the contents of this mod into your games data folder, and activate with the mod manager of your choice.

This mod no longer breaks precombines, however due to the newly generated ones in place of vanilla, this will naturally be incompatible with other mods that do break precombines, and obviously other flora based mods. While issues should be minimal, remain aware of possible conflicts and bugs. Overall both performance and bugs should be at acceptable standards at this point in time.

Quixel Megascans
Silvertm on CGTrader
Shadow0fTheWind - Join his Discord
BenRierimanu - They handle all precombine and previs for this mod. Be sure to show them thanks, visit their profile, and download their mods!