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Jamaica Plain - built with an expanded area so that it doesn't feel quite so claustrophobic - houses rebuilt by settlers and a market hall for traders.

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Jamaica Plain - built with an expanded area so that it doesn't feel quite so claustrophobic - houses rebuilt by settlers and a market hall for traders. Also, someone left the generator in the washing machine for too long....

You will of course need Transfer Settlements to import the file.   I have set this as Settlement  Blueprint number 93.  If you use Vortex it will automatically fill your 93 folder, if you have your own settlement blueprint 93 then you need to do a manual download, and rename the 93 folder in the zip file to a number that you have not used.

There are a few mods required but you don't necessarily need all of them, however they are good mods to have especially if you like your settlement building:-

More Vault Rooms - some cones, flatbeds and sundry items, again no biggy - however I recommend this mod as it has so much good stuff in it.

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)This has some lights and workshop clutter - not essential

Workshop Turret Pack - this is a mod that you get from the Fallout 4 Mods menu (so very easy to load), adds lots of new turrets - if you don't use it you will have a few turrets missing and need to stick some new ones there.

Better Stores - also from the Fallout 4 Mods on the Main menu - you only need this if you want the butcher (looks good and supplies 10 food when somebody assigned)

Sim Settlements - no actual Sim Settlement buildings, but I use several of the Sim Settlement tall power towers.   In theory you could go without, but you will have to do some wiring yourself. Sim Settlements is a lot more than just the auto building houses - it also gives you loads of extra items to use in your builds, so I would still recommend it for settlement builders even if you don't want to use the settlement system.

Creative Clutter - you definitely need this or there will be lots of empty spaces - this is a fantastic mod that I use extensively for bringing a lived in feel to settlements.   The only caveat with this is that the author has removed it from Nexus due to assorted politics (issues with Automatron and wabberjack etc selling the mod without actually paying the mod author! - read more here)

Creative Clutter is an awesome mod and I have used it for years and ALL my settlements feature it heavily - if you want to do some settlement work of your own I highly recommend it anyway!

You can easily get it from bethesda.net here:

Yes this is going to take you a minute to sign up (if you haven't already) but then you just click on ADD TO LIBRARY on the mod page, open Fallout 4, on the main menu click on the Mods option, look in your Library section for  Creative Clutter and Download - its actually very easy.

Build High - Settlements Expanded - you don't actually need this at all, however if you want to do some work of your own in the expanded area of the settlement you will need this, but if you just want to work in the middle you don't.  This is a fantastic mod for letting you work outside Bethesda's original settlement areas and for me adds a lot of fun to settlement building.  Note: I have placed all the traders within the normal Jamaica Plain area so they can be assigned if you don't use this.

Final note - well done if you are still with me....I did a two way Xnor switch on the bus stop house - see the last two pictures.  I've tested this import 4 times, on attempts 12 and 4 this did not work, but it did on attempt 3.  I have no idea why - so you might need to do 10 seconds of re-wiring if it doesn't work on import.  Also, if the wiring looks messy on this, when I built it with the wiring glitch to go through walls it was a bitch to get working after importing so I went with this slightly clunky looking setup.

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