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Adds the Volk from Infinite Warfare and it's variants (Basic to Legendary) into Fallout 4 alongside 2 outfits from IW ported by BZW
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Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin


The animations were made with a ported IW rig ontop of the FO4 rig so if you use vanilla FO4 hands you may see some gaps, also it is *IMPORTANT* that you follow instructions laid out ingame in the crafting menu, if you're told to use a specific attachment with another attachment then follow it to avoid problems, FO4 engine limitations make it difficult to do the mod how I want to do it, also the animations were made at 90 FOV so if you play at 120 fov and notice problems then.... 

Some of the attachments require more than two perks, for you console users that cannot have access to mods that expand the crafting workbench then that is really unfortunate.

Console version - https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4156050

Volk description
"Full-auto energy rifle. Deploys best-in-class stopping power at a low, dependable fire rate."— In-game description

The Volk seems to be made out of an AK-47 parts kit mixed together with wires, batteries, an energy muzzle and a polymer stock attached to the weapon, while the wooden handguard and pistol grip and profile remain largely the same.


Details about the AKe Volk mod

It will add three new energy rifles into the game, default Volk, Corruption, and Goliath. Each gun will be unique in their own rights, each gun will be useful for different types of engagements with the common variants to choose from first alongside 2 new outfits from IW ported by BZW

But first the basics, each gun will be using ported sights from IW, Reflex, ELO, Scout Hybrid, VMC, Trojan, and Thermal, for Scout Hybrid and VMC the toggled sights will be available. 

Now onto the Perk system, I have gone with the Candy Perk system in which you may select any perks you wish. Each perk will have its own benefits and can contribute to some rad builds! Of course the perks will increase in power each upgrade, starting with pretty basic perks to the game changing perks.

About the attachments, instead of doing the regular receiver, stock or grip upgrades I have decided to pack it together to add more variety and to encourage the build aspect, so you will have the option to choose between Fusion mags, quickdraw, Particle Amp, foregrip, lasersight, Ram Servo, suppressor, stock, and Faraday Slug. Each accessory will have their own unique upgrade and ability that will affect your build.

The guns, as I mentioned before I want each gun to be unique and viable for situations, I don't want one gun to be OP forever over another gun, each rifle will be suited for specific situations but can be upgraded to be good in areas in which before it wasn't, so let's get to the details of what I mean!

The Default Volk variant possesses high damage per shot of all the assault rifles at the cost of having a slow cyclic rate of fire and rather high recoil. It's the perfect rifle, if your definition of perfect is being able to do the job perfectly all around.
The Greed variant has reduced recoil (stacks with foregrip)
Black Sky variant reloads faster (stacks with quick hands)
Aftermath variant holds increased ammo capacity (does not stack with fusion mags)
Corruption variant has increased damage range and also fires faster than the default variant, like the Chaos NV4 it's good for close combat, though not as powerful due to not being ballistic it can still run the Chaos for it's money
The Goliath variant deals increased damage, double of the default variant but as a result it only fires 1 bullet at a time. Probably the best choice for you snipers out there.
The Retro variant being the first epic legendary variant on this list includes a free Racin' Stripes perk, leaves space for another additional perk.
The Vintage variant being the second epic legendary variant includes a free Deadeye Dewdrops perk.

I say all this... But I must say that the guns won't be like this forever, you can upgrade your weapon, earning perks for your weapon to create builds, making it effective evenly. For example, the Goliath variant is a slow hard hitting weapon, but over time you upgrade the weapon to be an ultimate epic variant of the default gun, of course it won't be overpowering in these other areas but it can be very strong for endgame. Each gun will start off being good in their own rights in their own field, but overtime can be created into something special, your choice.
How to get

Craftable at Chem Station

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PIP-PAD - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21953
(As this mod was animated without the Pip-boy it is highly recommended you download something that removes it)
Targeting HUD - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4314

Permission and legal information:
under no circumstances will anything from this mod be allowed to be shared anywhere else or integrated into another mod if you wish you will need both mine and the developers of Call of Duty's permission (as I rigged the models and set up the mod to work with fallout 4)

Activision have granted me permission to make this mod under the following conditions:

1) No money will be made from the models or textures used.
2) I will give full credit to Activision for creating the assets.
3) I will be completely clear that all assets used are the property of Activision and I will never claim to own the rights to them as my own

If a copyright holder wishes to see further evidence of the conversation between me and Activision I will provide instantly with no hesitation, Nexus support has already seen the proof and have given me permission to post this mod.

and if a copyright holder wishes me to remove this mod I will do so without second thoughts

Uploading your own updates or edits, such as translations, or general esp changes. Yes it is allowed AS LONG AS it's only an esp, no redistribution of any assets is allowed at any circumstances.

Outfit Perms and details

BZW or Bazoongas Workshop has given me permission to upload outfits I commissioned as an optional download, please visit his Tumblr: https://bazoongas-workshop-fo4-edition.tumblr.com/

Thank you to everyone on my Discord that offered their support in the making of this mod, I really enjoyed making this mod for you all, have fun with it!
Outfit porting: BZW
animations - Infinity Ward
Textures: Warfighter
Mesh porting: Warfighter
Cubemaps: Ajkahara 

Thank you to everyone that took screenshots, there are so many of you it would be difficult to remember everyone's names but if you see yours and you want your name credited here just message me on Discord.