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Skills and Traits return to Fallout 4!
Hot Diggity is a total overhaul of the levelling system of Fallout 4, focusing on making each character feel distinct with the reintroduction of skills, traits, and a large number of new perks to play with!

Permissions and credits
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Version 2.0.0 Out now avaliable here



The mod now includes 100+ New Perks/Traits! Including but not limited to!
  • Explosive Entry (Use Explosives to open locks.)
  • Bullet Time (For people who just can't stand VATs)
  • Fear the Reaper (double your perk points per level but drop to 10% health when you level)
  • Judas Complex (You gain 10% bonus damage and 5% damage resistance per dead potential follower.)
  • Rip and Tear (Restore health when killing enemies based on their level)
  • Dead man Sprinting (sprint faster at an increased AP cost when you have low health)
  •  many many more!

New Features
  • A Hot Diggity Icon for new perks
  • All skills now have relevant icons
  • No more Error message from Sim Settlements 2 when starting with Hot Diggity
  • Serious backend improvement of the mod and should be considerably less cluttered and dramatically reduce any strain on papyrus.


  • Improve replayability by stopping each character from transitioning into a jack of all trades
  • Allowing for each character to feel more distinct by providing an excessive amount of new perks
  • Provide more interesting perks by converting many of the must-have perks into skills.

  • A reimplementation of the skill system similar to that of previous fallout games including 11 New skills
  • A return of the Trait system found in Fallout 1,2 and New Vegas with 16 unique perks to choose from.
  • ¬100 new perks (depending on how you count them) to provide more variety to each character These perks have been drawn from other fallout games, mods for other fallout games or my own creations
  • Perk requirements have been implemented to encourage character diversity and encourage replayability 
  • The modification of many boring vanilla perks, who wants to waste a precious perk point on +20% damage with pistols?
  • The player starts the game with both ranks of local leader (Essential for any settlement builder)
  • Dramatically reduces the number of SPECIAL points available at character creation from 21 to 14
  • The addition of a level cap of 60 (Changeable via MCM)


Q. Your level cap sucks fix it! A. Fix it yourself to adjust the level cap simply open the MCM.
Q.Will you add a patch for X mod? A. If there is enough demand/I like said mod.
Q. Is this mod compatible with X mod? A. The answer is more than likely, yes! As long as the mod does not change the vanilla perks, there should be no conflicts. Please note although this mod is "Technically" compatible with you are special and Be Exceptional, It would almost certainly be a mess to organize, and I would strongly advise against using either of those mods with this mod! 
Q. Is there a full list of Perks/Traits/Skills? A. There was... and will be in the future but I have been working on this mod for months without a break I want to get it out and share it with the world I will work on my mod . 
Q. What about all the changes you made to the base game perks? A.  Yes
Q. No speech skill are you an idiot? A. While yes I absolutely am an idiot, I did look at creating a speech skill originally but found that essentially all I would be doing by creating a speech skill is returning the Fallout: New Vegas problem of charisma then becoming a worthless attribute. so unless I or someone else can think of a method to implementing a meaningful speech skill it isn't going to be added to the mod
Q. Is this compatible with Start me Up? A. I am happy to confirm that I currently use this mod in conjunction with Start me up with 0 issues and would heavily encourage using this mod alongside Start me up to improve the replay experience

Install with a mod manager of your choice, start a new game when you have left the vault (or used an alternate start) a popup to choose your Traits and Tag Skills should appear after roughly 30 seconds.
The mod should plug and play, if anything about the mod is unclear, please let me know in the comments, and I will help to clarify. 


Neanka for his incredible tool that allowed me to make this mod!  LEVELUPMENUEX

Dree74 for his amazing more perks mod for new vegas from which I drew a lot of inspiration from. More Perks

XhAPPYSLApX for creating you are special and inspiring me to look into creating my own alternative. You Are SPECIAL

Kyle Rebel, Camelworks, Juicehead, 0period, Shirley Curry and many more for reminding me how happy I am to be part of the Bethesda modding community. I love you guys and love this community.

Bethesda for providing the tools for the last 14 years of modding I have witnessed and keeping me addicted to 5 games in a row!

ABillySastard for constant feedback leading to a great number of bug fixes.

rcoll for Be Exceptional I reverse-engineered his code for skill point gain to accommodate multiple levels at a time.

ItsMeJesusChrist for his amazing consistent pip-boy Icons mod which is the source of many of my great skill Icons!

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