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Hi !

It simply makes Lunar Fallout Overhaul and Customizable Needs plus Realistic Aids Side effect work together ! That's all !
Optional file same as orignal but  integrates Stimpak restore less limbs damage 50% version.  New Lunar fallout update made new change to simpak so it isn't needed anymore ! Newest version of lunar revert these changes, so I've reuploaded optionnal 50% limb healing version.

Update : small change to 2 lunar perk  to make them fit better
-chem dependant, addiction resistance chance restored but only at 50% and you need the 4th rank for that (each rank increase it by 12,5%), the reason is that even though chems stop giving thirst it sill increase chances for sickness and when you combined these with addiction it can really cripple you a lot, I think a bit of resistance to addiction is needed in survival so you're not too quickly overrunned by debuff
-atom's blessing (radiation resistance) heavily nerfed, has onky 4 ranks wich add 10,30,60,100 resist (so you still have use for rad x and can "enjoy" its side effect)
There's an optional file that doesn't containt these changes to perk if you don't like it.

Also there's another optional semi patch (not a real patch i'll explain why after) for Everyone's best friend (recommended with lunar) and Realistic Aid.

For this patch to work you need :
-to not plan on using the customizable need module of the mod
-to delete the customizable need + aid mode BA2 cause it overwrites the script of EBF

Then the patch allow to have the realistic aid effect and the change to hc manager script (show marker for both dogmeat and companion when they're down) for EBF working together. But you won't be able to customize survival needs rate.

Mini update : there's now an esl that make survival damage taken to 3 times instead of 4, so you die a bit less fast in lunar fallout survival. (it's an esl)