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Children of Ug-Qualtoth is a lore-friendly suspenseful lovecraftian quest mod with a sprawling dungeon, unique enemies, custom composed music and new weapons. Follow the trail of the Dunwich company and discover a disturbing past long forgotten.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • French

Instructions: To begin the quest, you must be level 10 (minimum), then sleep
NOTE: For an easier experience, tackle the quest at a higher level [~lvl 15-20]. Level 10 is for max difficulty. 

Disability Warning: If you're a player that has physicial or motor disability -
The NPC's in the dungeon by default cannot be VATS'ed (for lore + aesthetic reasons). There is a compatibility mod that allows for VATS on the NPC's you can download! 
 TY PanConKes0 for the contribution! 

The Children of Ug-Qualoth Redux is here!
For details, check here: 
 NEW Enemy Variants
NEW textures for a variety of assets
NEW combat music, sound effects, and soundscapes
NEW Narrative lore notes
NEW Dungeon Rewards
- Improved performance in many areas

- Sprawling dungeon with 1 - 2 hours+ of content (Be Prepared! Bring lots of ammo + supplies)

- Enemies with unique AI (Like Weeping Angels from Doctor Who or SCP - 173)

- Custom composed ambient music and sound engineering by DanielVictory, Dansky, and Kirstin

- Two new weapons with unique mechanics

- Mod Manager: Download or direct download from Nexus Mods, then install using mod manager.

- Manual: Extract files and drop the Data folder into ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4.

- Mods that edit the dungeon entrance may cause issues, however, there is a hatch near the               dungeon location that will also allow you access to the dungeon.

- Mods that modify ghoul/human npc animations may cause issues with combat balance.

Conflicting Mods:

Minor Conflicts

   - See You Sleep (Will need to skip the sleep requirement and head to the dungeon instead.)                                     [Find at "Location" spoilers.]

Mojave Manhunter (Blocks main entrance to dungeon, use secondary entrance)                                               [Find at "Location" spoilers]

- Military Super Sledge (Blocks main entrance to dungeon, use secondary entrance)                                     [Find at "Location" spoilers.]

- West-Tek Goggles (Turning on thermal vision while in the dungeon obscures the screen,                               night-vision works fine)

- NAC (Causes a grayscale effect on the screen after the beginning sequence) [Fix: Simply go                           into the NAC holotape and disable, then re-enable the Radiation VFX]

Major Conflicts

 - Better Locational Damage [BLD]: Crashes to desktop after starting a new game with Children                           of Ug-Qualtoth enabled at the same time.
Potential fix: 
1. Start a new game with Children of Ug-Qualtoth disabled. 
2. Create your character. 
3. Save the game.
4. Enable Children of Ug-qualtoth and add it to your load order. 
5. Game should run fine.


- Location:
- Forgotten Church | ID: glowingseapoi05 | Second Entrance: A hidden hatch imbedded into concrete, found behind a pair of bushes above the church.
 - Puzzle Solution:
- Terminal Password | Word 1: Give, Word 2: It, Word 3: Back
 - Game Mechanic:
- Child of Ug-Qualtoth | Destroy black radioactive obelisks 

D1v1ne122 - Programmer, Visual Effects, Narrative Designer
RokMod - Level Designer
DanielVictory - Music Composer and Sound Engineer
Daniel 'Dansky' Morrison Neil - Sound Design
Mr.Sandman - Modeling / Textures
Kirstin - Sound Design
Curata Cara - Editor

And a huge thanks to all the testers that scoured for bugs and gave invaluable feedback!