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Classic Enclave Power Armor from Fallout II

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My attempt to recreate the power armor from Fallout 2 in the Fallout 4 setting.

This is not a substitute for X01, and it looks lousy in combination with other vanilla types of armor, as I was guided more by the recreation of the original proportions than by compatibility.

Special thanks to Wanaming0 for making the fan animation, it definitely set the tone for the whole work.

You can buy in the same place as any other parts of power armor: BOS or Atomic Cats. Unique Chosen One armor can be found in the wasteland.

If the armor does not appear in stores, try to wait 72 game hours until the merchant's assortment is updated.
If the armor does not appear or some elements are not displayed, moveing ​​CAPA.esp plugin to a higher priority may help.
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Patch 1.6: New coloring pages added: General Minuteman, Army, BOS Paladin, Institute.
Tesla coils added (so far without lightning effect).
Fixed some details on older models and textures.

Patch 1.4:
 by artagon96
Fixed a bug with a first-person view.
Fixed instances naming rules

Patch 1.2:
Fixed Chosen texture that was lost in patch 1.1

Patch 1.1:
Fixed a bug with the fall of FPS when repairing armor at the station.
Fixed a helmet lamp.