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The next ecosystems module which adds Mutant dogs, Cats, and Feral Dogs to my Improved Ecosystem series of mods. tekmage's Improved Ecosystems has already been updated to include this. This is the standalone portion for people only wanting the change to dogs.

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This mod is part of my Improved Ecosystem Series that alters the feral dogs, mutant hounds and some cats in Fallout 4 to address balance in the game to create a proper challenge while adhering to the natural food chain. The perception, speed, and health of these creatures have been altered from 20% - 55%, depending on the type it is.

Lore straight from the wiki:

Some dogs have remained domesticated pets, but many more have turned feral and hunt the dusty wasteland in packs. The dogs that survived the Great War are a larger, and tougher, breed - now almost wolf-sized. You won't encounter any rabid toy poodles in your travels.


You only need the base game to use this and it should have zero compatibility issues. It is a .esl flagged .esp for ease of use. It also should not matter where in the load order it is in as this only overrides feral dog, cat, and mutant hound records in the fallout.esm.


Use a mod manager to install or
Download the mod, unzip, copy to your fallout 4 data folder, and activate the mod through your mod manager. 

Future updates:

Everything is detailed in my Improved Ecosystem Series Roadmap Article.
The goal of this series of mods is to diversify, balance, and make the Commonwealth creatures follow the circle of life.

Improved Ecosystem mods so far: 
Resolute Stingwings, Dogged MirelurksHardy Yao GuaiStronger RadscorpionLethal Deathclaws, Stronger Behemoth, Vicious Dogs, and Balanced creatures and NPCs.

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See you in the Wasteland!

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