Fallout 4
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Lightweight alternative to Armorsmith Extended or Unified Clothing Overhaul that doesn't require AWKCR.

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  • Italian

  • Changes biped slot usage of most armour and clothing items so you can use them simultaneously. Want to wear your favourite dress but don't want to abandon your defences? Want to wear bandanas, necklaces, glasses, etc. simultaneously with helmets and other armour? Now you can do it. Some individual armour pieces will cause clipping with your clothes. In that case, you can...
  • Make individual armour and headgear pieces (except helmets and hats) invisible. At the Armor Workbench, you'll get an additional menu called "AA: Armor Appearance" that holds this option. You can also revert that change by making the armour visible again within the same menu.
  • Armour pieces from the base game can have their size (light, medium, heavy) changed on an Armor Workbench.
  • Almost all clothing items can have ballistic weave applied to them. You still need to complete the Railroad quest to enable that option.
  • All armour and clothing items have a legendary attachment point. This allows you to obviously add a legendary effect with a legendary crafting mod but more importantly enables further customisation with Crafting Framework.

Advantages of ACO compared to an AWKCR-AE-UCO setup:
  • Less cluttered crafting menu
  • Better game performance
  • Fewer conflicts between mods
  • Less crash potential
  • No mod dependencies

The plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP file. That way it won't count against the ESP plugin limit. If you want it to stick to the top of your load order just change the file extension from ESP to ESL.
The mod will conflict with any mod that also changes vanilla Armor and Armor Addon records. Other than that there aren't any incompatibilities. Mods that just add or change recipes for armour and clothing pieces are compatible.

Mods that shouldn't be used with ACO:
  • Armorsmith Extended
  • Unified Clothing Overhaul

Mods that can be used but probably lose parts of its armour and clothing functionality:
  • Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Ressource

If you want a lightweight Item Sorting Mod that doesn't require AWKCR either I can highly recommend Ruddy88's Simple Sorter. It automatically generates a single plugin for your entire load order. You'll no longer need patches for other mods.