Fallout 4
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Settlement Transfer of Egret Tours Marina. two boat houses and can hold 22 people. + some room to build still. Basic Furnishings and Jobs set up.

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Survival is a Rednecks paradise but i reckon it is a pain in the ass when one half of the town gets the electricity and the other don't.  You see folks here in Egret Tours Marina electricity is limited so we stock it to the stores and since there are folks that live in the stores apartments they get the electricity too but the poor farm folk living in 5 run down homes don't get shit it seems.
Guess they should be happy just to have plumbing. that's more then some settlements get.
Egret Tours Marina is a fishing town so it is powered by two boats and a water mill.  it has a fishery a indoor mall, a doctors office, a Restraint and a trading store. 
Defenses are sit up and folks live mighty happy here.

To build this settlement i used a mod called Egret Tours Interior Buildings. i found one glitch with this.  the original building were the restraint is overlaps with the mod building. BEFORE YOU TRANSFER THE SETTLEMENT.  Save your game, then delete the original building first so the mod building stands. if you accidentally delete a part of the mod go ahead and load your save and try again.