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Face Save of Max Caulfield from the hella awesome episodic game: Life is Strange_ (Face Ripper Required)

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(UPDATE 8/1/16)

So I have officially uploaded my final-ish form of Max to the nexus, you will find it under the main file area.
Faceripper is still required in order to apply the face to your character.
Save to Save instructions can be found on the faceripper mod page description.

As for the opportunity for a present based face mod that utilizes NMM, that will require SPF console commands to actually work in game and transfer properly to Creation Kit, which is entirely dependent on Bethesda.

If any of you guys however know of a working solution that you are comfortable tackling, feel free to make my face save into a preset yourself,
All I ask is for is credit from crafting of the original face.
^^^^ (Full permission to use my face save in whatever way you want so long as I get credit for base face)

If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is by direct messages.


To those interested in trying out this face or savefile:

I have updated max to her final form. I have pretty much nailed it now.
However, i don't believe very many people (if not any) are really interested in this mod (no biggy, I still get to play as max, so i'm happy ^_^)

IF YOU WANT MY MOST RECENT WORK: private message me, and I will upload the final stuff to the nexus.

"But thaelite1, why don't you just upload it anyways?"
because i'm lazy, and i don't care to put in effort if potentially no-one is interested.


(Straight to the Point Description)
File contains my most recent save from the Fallout 4 world.

(Theatrical Description)
Life is Strange has now ended. The nuclear apocalypse has come.
Now, you can play as Max Caulfield (aka: her face on your body in a non creepy way?) in the world of Fallout 4!

Porting the Max Caulfield face to your game (INSTRUCTIONS):
1.) Download my save file
2.) Go to http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3878/?
3.) Follow the instructions underneath "Save-to-Save" in their description.

(Stuff to make sure I don't get banned)
Face file is in no way related to any Life is Strange assets.
Face file has been crafted by me, by using Kjj92's face file as a default starting point.
Maxine Caulfield is not a minor. She is a 18 year old senior at a private photography school.
The intention of this mod is purely to be able to play as Max Caulfield within the Fallout world.

Thank you to Kjj92 for allowing me to use his/her Piper face mod as a default starting point.
Thank you to Bethesda for the awesome game.
Most importantly, thank you to Dontnod Studios for creating Maxine Caulfield.

I hold no responsibility for any game issues.