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Does your character occasionally look like fucking ET and you don't want that bitch to phone home?

Have you tried every solution under the sun to prevent it from happening and now you've given up?

If you have the brown face glitch on your character and nothing works to get rid of it, this may be the crude solution for you!

Permissions and credits
Everyone hates the brown face glitch, bitch where are your eyebrows!! I have no high res DLC textures, no altered face textures, and my VRAM never gets too high. Yet still on some load-ins there she is: smooth face fucking mcgoo. I've accepted that the brown face glitch is not going anywhere so I've decided to just make it go away hassle free when it happens.

I would check out this other mod first. Looks very promising and doesn't require any of the instructions that my method does. If it doesn't work then
you can make your way back here to my mod
Rusty Face Fix

What this mod can do:
Any time you get the brown face glitch you press a hot key and it simply opens the looks menu for your character, changes to preset02, back to preset01 (more on this below; your character's face will overwrite preset01) and accepts the changes. This should clear the brown face glitch and have you back to playing with the press of a button and only 5.83 seconds of wait time!

What this mod does NOT do:
This mod does NOT do anything for any NPCs or companions. Only the player will have the quick fix.
This mod does NOT prevent the brown face glitch from happening. It just makes dealing with it super simple.
This mod probably does not work with controllers :( maybe someone else can figure that one out.

Face RipperMandatory. (Unless your character's face is IDENTICAL to Preset01 in the character creation menu.)
AutoHotKey: Optional. You need AutoHotKey to open .ahk files but I'll also upload a stand alone .exe in case you don't feel like installing AutoHotKey.
You need the console enabled: Mandatory.

Script source is at the way bottom of this post


1.) Download "Brown Face Fix Female" and/or "Brown Face Fix Male" depending on whether you are using a female/male character. These are simply .esp's containing the vanilla male or female Preset01. There are no autohotkey scripts or .exe's contained in this part of the download.

2.) Install the "Brown Face Fix Female" and/or "Brown Face Fix Male" with Nexus Mod Manager or however you like to install mods into the "Fallout 4/data" folder

3.) Download Face Ripper

4.) Open FO4FaceRipper.exe and you should see this:

5.) Click Browse next to "Source Save or Plugin"

6.) Navigate to Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves or wherever your saves are and select a save where your face is just the way you like it and unglitched. By unglitched I mean you did not save it while currently having a brown face.

7.) The program should now look like this with your save file in the top field and "7 - Player" in the drop down menu below it.

8.) Select Browse next to "Target Save or Plugin"

9.) Navigate to your Fallout 4\Data folder and find "Brown Face Fix Female.esp" or "Brown Face Fix Male.esp" depending on the sex of your character (just pick one for now and if you have an opposite sex character that you also want to use this for just repeat the process from step 4 after you're all done with step 14. Remember you can use this mod on one male face AND one female face but you cannot use it for multiple male faces or multiple female faces [more on that at the end])

10.) The program should now look like this with your save file in the top field, "7 - Player" in the drop down menu below it, one Brown Face Fix esp file in the field below that, and a drop down menu below that with only one option. This drop down menu contains the ID of the NPC from the esp that we are transferring the face to. For our esp there will only be one choice, the ID belonging to the Preset01 NPC.

11.) Go ahead and click Transfer Face

12.) A little message box should pop up and say DONE. Click OK of course.

13.) The program will now look like this with a brand new file containing the NPC's ID affixed to the end of the esp name.

14.) Close out of face ripper we are now done with it :)

15.) Start up Fallout 4 and click MODS on the main title menu

16.) Click LOAD ORDER on the bottom

17.) Scroll down and enable the Brown Face Fix Female (or Male) esp WITH the ID numbers affixed to it.

18.) You can now delete the original Brown Face Fix Female (or Male) esp WITHOUT the ID numbers on it.

19.) Close out of fallout 4 or alt tab for a moment and double click "face fix.exe" or "face fix.ahk." The .ahk version will only work if you have AutoHotKey installed. Otherwise you can use the .exe. You will know that the script has started running when you see the little H in your system tray

20.) In game press Shift and + on the number pad together to start the macro (this can be changed in the autohotkey source). The macro can be used pretty much any time you want even when you don't have the brown face glitch. It can even be used in the middle of dialogue. The macro will open the console, open the looks menu, switch to preset02, switch back to your amazing preset01 that you ripped in and confirm the changes for you.

This whole process after you press the macro buttons takes 5.83 seconds because opening the looks menu takes a moment to load and switching to another preset takes a moment to load etc. I didn't want any button presses to get missed during the load times so I wrote in some delays. If my macro is too slow for your taste or if it's too fast for your computer's load times feel free to change the numbers in the source, the comments should explain what's going on. If you need help just leave a post.

It's probably best to just not press anything after you start the macro while it's happening. If you do press something and this somehow interrupts it or it doesn't work perfectly, you can simply open console, type "slm 14" and switch to preset01 manually. You might need to lengthen the delays to make it work better for your computer.

21.) When you're done with a fallout 4 session you can right click on the system tray icon and exit out. Or just leave it running it's your call.

This mod will only work for 1 female face and 1 male face at a time. So if you have multiple games with lots of different faces you will have to either use multiple mod profiles or do a little FO4Edit tweaking and AutoHotKey tweaking. I can help with that if needed just leave a post and we'll figure something out.

Will conflict with any mod that edits the female or male Preset01 character creation face. Load order shouldn't matter unless you have a mod that edits those presets.

Just uninstall the mod as usual with Nexus Mod Manager. This mod is just a simple FO4Edit override with no game scripts and can be uninstalled without any residual effects. The AutoHotKey file or .exe are just simple macros that type on the keyboard and do not effect any game files. They can simply be deleted.

Script Source:

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

+NumpadAdd::        ;This is the key that will start the macro. + means use Shift as a modifier and NumpadAdd is of course the plus sign. Check here to change the modifier key (instead of shift) or the other key (instead of NumpadAdd):  https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm#Modifier_keys  or get rid of the modifier all together by removing the +

Send {`` down}        ;Press the tilde key for 90 milliseconds, release it, and wait 150 milliseconds. This opens the console.
Sleep 90
Send {`` up}
Sleep 150

Send slm 14        ;Type "slm 14" into the console and wait 150 milliseconds. This is "ShowLooksMenu 14" with 14 being short for 00000014 or the player's ID.
Sleep 150

Send {Enter down}    ;Press the Enter key for 90 milliseconds, release it, and wait 1300 milliseconds. This enters the above command into the console.
Sleep 90
Send {Enter up}
Sleep 1300

Send {`` down}        ;Press the tilde key for 90 milliseconds, release it, and wait 600 milliseconds. This closes the console
Sleep 90
Send {`` up}
Sleep 600

Send {d down}        ;Press the D key for 90 milliseconds, release it, and wait 1300 milliseconds. This switches to Preset02, a preset which does not matter.
Sleep 90
Send {d up}
Sleep 1300

Send {a down}        ;Press the A key for 90 milliseconds, release it, and wait 1300 milliseconds. This switches back to Preset01 where your character's face should be. The brown face should be gone now! :)
Sleep 90
Send {a up}
Sleep 1300

Send {Enter down}    ;Press the Enter key for 90 milliseconds, release it, and wait  400 milliseconds. This says finished with character creation.
Sleep 90
Send {Enter up}
Sleep 400

Send {Enter down}    ;Press the Enter key for 90 milliseconds and release it. This accepts the OK for the "Are you sure" confirmation box.
Sleep 90
Send {Enter up}