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Adding Tactical Action to Fallout 4, No conflict with the original game
You can switch with HOTKEY of MCM
add icons in HUDFramework for: standing/Stealthing/lying down/supine
All the new actions are my original production additions
But there aren't many guns to support. See my descrip

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  • Spanish
I'm not good at English.
This sentence uses Baidu.com translation.

my videos :

what new in v1.5 :
Delete: the Hotkeys of [sliding tackle or Pounce on] separately
add : the Hotkeys of [vanilla sneak] separately  ,,  Autoswitch the [sliding tackle or Pounce on]  (if you need)
Katana  add/edit Action   : Lai Quickdraw ,,Thrusting,,Morning Moon,,Tiger Sprint,,Swallow's Wing

what new in v1.4 :
0.Deleting the weapon ESP files Requirements
1.add [Roll action] Combination-Key(with W,S,A,D KEY)
(L-SHIFT Key is default, you can custom key, Must set [never be used KEY], example: if you want set [SPACE KEY] to switch [Roll],you must set the [jump] to [Other KEY])
2.add [Boost Dodge action] work with [CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics] MOD
(this action like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)

3.FIX BUG: Switching is not allowed in the following modes
4.all action can't switch in PowerArmor


[ Preface ]

To be honest, I don't want this actions to be supported only by [XM2010, Vector and RU556]
I really wanted to make it universal all weapons, but I finally collapsed!!!!

Because of the limitations of the original game engine, it's hard to imagine how much energy I've put into this action behind my back.
In addition to standing and squatting postures, the original game has no frame of the third posture at all

The expansion I'm currently implementing is based on stealth action, so I won't support all weapons.
The difficulty is that there is no third kind of lying on the ground or supine position for all weapons: reload, semi-automatic firing, automatic firing, bolting, throwing grenades and landmines.
If I want to support all weapons, I will design the above 6 movements for each MOD weapon separately. Counting up the two positions of supine and lying on the ground, they are 12 movements, That's going to be exhausting.

Not only these, each weapon holds different positions, the gun moves forward, backward, left, right, left-up, right-up, left-down, right-down and so on to ensure perfect convergence and switching.
Basically, it's really hard to fit into a common action.
So my current action extension only supports three guns.
But in addition to the above six movements, the action of shovel and street-throwing is not restricted by engine.
To put it plainly, the [sliding tackle and Pounce on] supports all weapons         and      It can also be used in [excellent stealth systems]
In addition, the first person can not see [sliding tackle], because the game engine reason (Looking down, you can't see your feet).
But if you press the MCMHOTKEY button when you run in the first person, it will automatically go to the third person.

[ REQUIREMENTS / How to Use ]

2.After entering the game, disassemble 2010, Vector and RU556 (non-important, some people say it can also be used without disassembly) and rebuild.
And you can't have two identical guns in your Items(very important)

3.if you want change the position of standing/Stealthing/lying down/supine icons:

   Use Console code :
   cqf tooun_Animationpack_Q SetPos <x> <y>
   The default location is in the lower right corner. For example, if you want to adjust to the upper left corner, 
   you can enter it in the console:
   cqf tooun_Animationpack_Q SetPos 100 120

4.this Mod Adding  Excellent stealth system and selecting Range of alertness in MCM menu
    With the Player as the center,the smaller the value,the harder it is to be found by the enemy.
     Default 5myou can change     5m / 20m / 40m

1.When switching, the icon display is sometimes slow
2.if you Lying down,,reloading don't move,,This BUG, I can't solve it.
   But I want to know how to disable the [WASD] key when a gun reloading .

Reminder: too many weapon modification accessories will affect the switching speed

If there is a professional comment on my script, you can send me a message on the POSTS.
I admit that my scripting ability is poor. Thank you for your advice !!!


因原版游戏引擎的种种限制,大家很难想到我背后为这套动作 绞尽脑汁付出多少。


cqf tooun_Animationpack_Q SetPos <x> <y>
cqf tooun_Animationpack_Q SetPos 100 120