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Adds 3 single beds and 1 double bed for children, from the base game, to the settlement workshop. Intended to go alongside mods that adds children to settlements.

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Ever since gift2 proposed the question, "Where are the children in the wasteland?", I couldn't stop thinking about it either. So I downloaded his mod, but there was still a small issue.

Orphans of the commonwealth - More Children by gift2 is a great mod that adds child settlers to the settler spawns of your settlements. Unfortunately, they need a place to sleep and the usage of vanilla settlement beds from the workshop is buggy when children sleep on them. Orphans of the commonwealth already attempts to reduce the problem by modifying mattresses and sleeping bags to enable usage by children.

The purpose of Orphan's Beds is to further add three single beds and one double bed for children, from the base game, to the settlement workshop. You don't particularly need Orphans of the commonwealth - If you're using a different child settler mod, then this mod is still for you since the beds work for any child settlers (Download Main File).

Lastly, all children's beds with sheets in the entire game will now have an added pillow.

- It is possible to have to two child settlers sleep on the double bed at the same time. The trick is to leave two child settlers unassigned to a bed and also leave the double bed unassigned. The two child settlers will go sleep on that bed out of their own, but only if there aren't any other unassigned/open children's beds (If you're using "Orphans of the Commonwealth", this includes sleeping bags and mattresses). Of course this isn't necessary, but I mention it if it bothers you.

- Child settlers won't sleep on adult-only beds out of their own. Just don't assign them to any adult-only beds and there won't be any issues.

- If you don't want the double bed, download the old version (1.0) instead. That one works perfectly fine.

- The team behind NifSkope for the easy add in of the pillows
- The team behind FO4Edit
- The team behind Bethesda Archive Extractor
- Also gift2 for his mod Orphans of the Commonwealth - More Children

Homes and Settlements - More Beds
Broken T-45 on Concord Museum Rooftop