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Simply removes the "grime" Face Tinting Layers from settlers' faces so that they look cleaner! Why haven't they taken advantage of the clean water we give them until now?!

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This mod simply removes the "grime" Face Tinting Layers from settlers' faces.

This allows them to look cleaner, like they've actually taken advantage of the clean water we've supplied them with in our settlements!

Fully made just by removing the grime layers from Non-Player Character entries for settlers in FO4Edit.
Male and Female settlers both have clean faces now.
Nothing else has been done.
No unique (named) settlers have been edited.

The bruises, freckles, scars, paint, etc haven't been edited so some of them may still seem a little grungy.
But they definitely have clean faces! No more black soot or mud smeared across their cheeks and forehead.

I, personally, don't use any mods that alter the settlers in any way.
But I don't see this mod conflicting with much.

I've uploaded two options! A download for people with DLCs, and one for people without DLCs.

You should be able to remove this mod at any time if you decide you don't like it, but most recommend not uninstalling ESP plugins once it gets saved into your game.
Put this mod where ever you see fit in your load order. My recommendation is at the top/beginning of your load order, but I also recommend to check FO4Edit to see if you have any conflicts, mainly just because it's a good habit to have when adding new mods to your game.

Use Nexus Mod Manager (or mod manager of your choice), or extract the ESP into your Fallout 4's Data folder.

Use Nexus Mod Manager (or mod manager of your choice), or delete the ESP from your Fallout 4's Data folder.

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Q: Will you change ~insert name here~'s face, too?
A: Maybe, but probably not. I made this solely for my game, but decided to share it with everyone else. So, it's AS-IS.

Q: This conflicts with ~insert other mod here~. Will you fix this or make a patch?
A: No. There are tutorials you can find to learn to do it yourself. You'll really appreciate learning to do it, too. It'll come in handy. (Does loading my mod before that other mod allow you to use both mod's changes?)

Please remember to endorse this mod if you enjoy it! <3