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Instead of searching for all of the Eddie Winter holotapes, just use this bat file! (Simple console command)

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Let's skip the monotonous part of Long Time Coming!

I found only 1 other mod on the Nexus that is supposed to work for the Long Time Coming quest as of 7/11/18. It doesn't. At least, not for me.

So, I did a little research and found out there's a simple console command you can use to progress the quest.
The bat file/console command gives you all of the holotapes that you need and teleports you to Nick Valentine.
It's amazing what a WIKI page can teach you.

To install the bat file: Extract/copy the text file into the main Fallout4 folder, where you would find the game's exe, NOT  the Data folder.
In game, you would then use the console and type: bat eddiewinter
(Or "bat <insert name here>", because you can rename the file to whatever you want!)

Tada! Hooray! No more searching for those darn holotapes again!

If you'd rather just use the console yourself without the bat file, simply type this into the console:
setstage 229fe 190

I recommend only using this console command or bat file if you actually have the Long Time Coming quest.
I don't know what kind of chaos you could cause if you use this command without first acquiring the quest.

I understand that if you play in survival mode, you may not be able to use the console. I know there are plenty of mods out there that can remedy that for you. Try one. :)

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