Fallout 4
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Cutler Bend, one of the most dangerous stretches of river, is now available for you to settle. Fully functioning in all ways, huge build area etc.

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Now this scenic but dangerous location can be a home for your settlers. The build area is huge and high so you have a nice range of settings for your structures.


This works fine with Sim Settlements and all scrap mods including Scrap Everything. This mod can be placed pretty much anywhere in your load order and work fine.

MANUALLY ACTIVATE EACH WORKBENCH to avoid any problems. It's a little hard to find, half buried in mud on the eastern shore of the Bend. 

Can be dropped into the middle of a game and should work fine. I haven't removed any baddies at all, so take plenty of ammo with you. In a short span I had to deal with the mirelurks, raiders, and a Super Mutant raiding party. Plus, a massive Gunner fortress is literally a stone's throw from the eastern border of the settlement so be careful...

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Thanks to:

Neeher (same name on YouTube) and M0ds1984 (markymint on Youtube) for their instructional videos on how to build settlements.