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This settlement is on the extreme southern border between Somerville Place and Murkwater. The tracks leading south offer the lure of escape, but watch out for the monsters...

Fully functioning settlement with survival and Sim Settlement compatibility.

Permissions and credits

The Pilgrims Way settlement is perched atop the disused railway at the extreme south, out of the commonwealth. As such, the southward view is uninterrupted and quite spectacular, if somewhat bleak.

This settlement is a remnant of the last efforts, after the holocaust, of survivors to move north out of the radioactive wastes into a better place. They failed...but can you succeed?

As a fully functioning settlement it does all of the following:

* recruits new settlers once  a beacon is set up.
* has starting happiness of 50 so it works just fine
* works fine with SIM SETTLEMENTS including IDEK's fabulous mod for linking resources?.
* everything in the build area scrapable according to what scrapping mods you have. I use scrap everything. If you don't have a scrap mod, there's not much you'll be able to scrap since I'm not interested in going through the area with a fine tooth comb and adding each little item to the scrap list.
* build area boundary is accurate.
* build area extends way up into the air

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Known Issues / Bugs

None so far but please report any problems you encounter (I hope that = none!)


Thanks to M0ds1984 and Neeher for tutorial vids to build my method and therefore this settlement and mod.

About the name...

I couldn't decide between Pilgrim's (singular) and Pilgrims' (plural) Way, so I did a Middle-Fail  and chose neither. I based the name on the motorway in this location in current-day Boston, but there is no train track there I could find.

If there are any Bostonians here, and I have it wrong, can you please illuminate me?  Thanks!