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One simple scarf, over 400 possible variations of Color/Texture/Size. The first and last scarf you will ever need.

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Install note: This mod uses a ESM file to help consolidate keyword usage across several of my projects, this ESM is provided in all mods
that require it, so don't worry about overwriting it when installing.

After 200 years of research and development the world is finally ready for the ultimate head/neck/shoulder ornament. All the warmth you could ever ask for all packed into a single, easily modded, neck-based garment. The Uni Scarf can be built into over 400 possible variations, across 4 sizes, 7 textures, and 16 color palettes, as well as a few pre-colored/texture combos.

Check the screenshot section for palette guides to easily find colors you like.


You can find the 'Uni Scarf' under the ACCECORIES tab of the AWKCR Armorsmith bench, for a mere 2 Cloth components.


Version notes:
No longer needs Pre-war Cybernetics!
-apologies for the previously patchwork release, this update is the proper version
Re added color descriptions for Scarf colors, they are in the component lists when picking a palette index
Moved several shared components to a master file which further helps deal with the keyword cap.

Now dependent on Pre-war Cybernetics (
Reduced mod category keywords for general keyword cap compatibility
Added the v3 and vBoS palettes from Pre-war Cybernetics
Original Scarf color names unfortunately are lost (for now) because of this compatibility update
-They are still on the same indexes as before, but their colors are not described by the menus
-The Palette guide screenshot can help with this for now
-v3 and vBoS descriptions are working

Added male specific versions of the four sizes. These fit better and clip less on short hairstyles.


All alterations are made at an Armor Workbench. Texture changes cost 1 Cloth component, size and color can be changed freely.

Four sizes to choose from:

Seven base textures:

As well as 16 color palettes (not all pictured).

Also included in the downloads section is a PSD file with a template of the scarf UV so that you can easily make your own patterns. It is worth noting that the generic 'base' mesh of the scarf has had its UV altered slightly from vanilla, so that tiled textures look better on it (the shoulder flap was moved to its own area).

This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.
Outfit studio, by Ousnius, Bodyslide files.



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