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Tired of those Loads switches failing? Then download this small mod to fix those pesky Loads Ammo Switchers. Makes the switches much faster at switching calibers, they give better feedback on issues and most importantly they don't stop working.

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Better "Loads" Ammo Switchers!

I just wanted to say thank you to TheTalkieToaster for an absolutely amazing, must have mod, Loads of Ammo - Switchable Ammo Types

Also, if you like either mod please endorse them, it  helps other people find them too :).

Better Loads Switchers (BLS) is really small but really cool mod. After a playthrough with Loads, I can't imagine another without it. If you have used it with New Calibers By BrowncoatGarrus and/or Weaponsmith Extended by Gambit77 then you know what I'm talking about.

There was one problem though. Those DAMN ammo switchers. They were slow, they didn't give you good feedback as to the problem and more importantly they could just stop working! If that happened it was the worst, say goodbye to that gun or ammo switching on that gun.

This mod fixes all of those problems. After a short loading time on a gun, the switches can be used to swap between calibers almost instantly (just not if you double press, if you do the cache may still be loading) until you switch to a new gun. With this mod you also get better feedback to the problem and it will actually FIX any "broken" guns that can't hotswap. I was able to reverse engineer the script and make them more stable and add better error messages. 

I was able to maintain the Original Loads's backend, while adding an optimization to the code allowing the switches to operate much faster. They work using a caching system that caches needed ammo info for special caliber (e.g. AP, EXP, IR, INC) swapping. The original programming performed expensive lookup operations every time you tried to swap. I observed anywhere from 3 to 6 seconds until the ammo was swapped. The new Switches load the cache whenever the weapon caliber changes (I.E. You change guns, or change the caliber receiver type) and AFTER you swap to another special caliber. What that means is that as long as you stay on the same gun you can swap special types very quickly. And whenever you switch weapons you'll have to wait for the cache to load the first request to swap to a special type. I think this is kinda cool actually, makes it fun in combat! :)

If you like Manufacturing Extended and building awesome factories you should check out my other Mod Better Manufacturing. It is a much larger, more complete mod than BLS. It has scrapping machines for Loose Mods, Weapons,  Ammo, Armor  and new MUST HAVE builders,and SO SO much more. Check it out :)

Below is a video comparison of standard loads swirches vs BLS switch.

Skip to 1:50 to see BLS in action

Absolute Must Haves:

MUST HAVE Loads of Ammo - Switchable Ammo Types
MUST HAVE F4SE installed correctly.

Options in installer:

Loads Overwrite
Weaponsmith Extended Patch
Weaponsmith Extended Overwrite

Very small mod should have no compatibility issues if you get the standalone version.

If you get the overwrite patch just be aware an overwrite is possible. Does overwrite the Loads's Next and Prev ammo switcher. I doubt anything else modifies those but I guess ya never know.


With NMM (highly recommended): 
1. Download with Nexus Mod Manager and activate.

Without NMM: 
1. Download the file manually.  
2. Then use your favorite .7z, .zip, .rar program to extract the desired modules from the Data folder in the archive to your Data folder ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4\Data.
3. Then in the Fallout 4 launcher select the hidden plugin manager and select the modules to activate them.

With NMM:

1. Deactivate/Uninstall the mod in NMM

Without NMM:
1. Delete any file named "Better Loads Switchers-*.esp" from your Fallout 4\Data folder.
2. Delete any Folder named "BetterLoadSwitches" from your "data/Scripts/" folder.

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