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This is an .esp replacer for the BLS Cycle Forwards and Backwards switches so that they are sorted into the Aid tab as a Device. Only for those people who use Valdicil's Item Sorting (VIS).

Permissions and credits
I, like many others, was upset that this great new mod places all my ammo switchers into the (Misc) tab under the [Settings] Holotapes. After looking around for an answer, and spending way too much time tweaking and fixing up my game without using the Creation Kit...I decided it was time I got into the modding scene and learned how these things tick. Low and behold, the change was simple. All I needed to do was load the .esp file into the CK and look for the BLS "Potion" for Cycle Forwards and Cycle Backward, and after some keyboard sorcery I got 'em back in the (Aid) tab! Now you can favorite it to your liking and use it on the fly!

All credit goes to :

 wrathmaniac for the BLS mod
 TheTalkieToaster for his initial work on the Loads of Ammo mod


Using NMM just download the file and overwrite Better Loads Switchers.esp when asked.

That's it!

If you have any questions or issues please post your comments and I'll be eager to help, I've still got a lot to learn but hey when there's mods to use there's mods to make! Lets all give back what we can to this awesome community :D