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Vanilla themed Minutemen overhaul that comes with a few flavorful add-on's.

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Minutemen Army is a Vanilla themed MM overhaul that will equip your units with USMC Combat Gear and weapons.

Mod files:

-Main File contains core BDU & Weapons. Everything you need for a Vanilla experience.
-Back Pack Add-On will add craft-able carry weight as well as a visual enhancement to MM BDU's. 
-CROSS Accessory Add-On (requires BP Add-On) will add a Customized Scarf & Ballistic Mask to complete the BDU. The Mask replaces the Road Goggles.
-Weapons Add-On will replace the Missile Launcher entries with the RAW launcher.
-FCOM Patch will harmonize your FCOM soldier load-outs. Also makes some additional changes to FCOM unit selections, see in game.
-Combat Helmet Illumination Patch will essentially "patch" the USMC Combat Helmets to be compatible with CHI.

More details:
Everything (except weapons) can be crafted at the Chem bench under "USMC Combat Gear" + everything is also up-gradable at the armor workbench. Most notably, the Ballistic mask, can now be upgraded with AE eye-wear mods like a targeting hud.  Although cost-less to initially create, the parts have no value and use Vanilla & AE costs for upgrades.

Install your selected files with NMM and make it look like this:

USMC - Back Pack Add-On.esp
USMC - CROSS Add-On.esp
USMC - Weapons Add-On.esp
USMC - FCOM Patch.esp
USMC - Combat Helmet Illumination Patch.esp

Click here for the Army Green Combat Armor Retexture

Valdacil - For AWKCR
Gambit77 - For Amorsmith Extended
jet4571 - For the Back Pack Add-On content
Niero - For the CROSS Add-On content (Tesh Mask & Uni Scarf)
QuadRioters - For the Weapons Add-On content
MadGodSheogorath - For his FCOM mod
andysan84 - For his Combat Helmet Illumination mod

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