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Fallout Commander or FCOM allows you to call in and command the forces of various factions. Organize your forces into squads and lead them into battle, or turn them into settlers and bring a faction presence to your settlements. The choice is yours, Commander.

Permissions and credits
  • German
**NOTICE: I am aware of existing issues with the current version, I will be working on a new major final update to FCOM.**
**Comments and bug reports are now locked until the new version is released.** -07/09/18

Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I am attacking.”– Ferdinand Foch at the Battle of the Marne



Tired of being a General with no army? A Sentinel with no back-up? A Director with no authority? An Agent with no support? It's time to make those empty titles mean something, the powers that be are now standing by to fight under your command. Fallout Commander or FCOM allows you to call in and command the forces of various factions. Organize your forces into squads and lead them into battle, or turn them into settlers and bring a faction presence to your settlements. The choice is yours, Commander.

Those of you familiar with Enclave Commander from earlier games will feel right at home with FCOM. Whether you're just looking to put together a small fire team, or a large army, FCOM has you covered. There are no spawn limits, you can spawn as many troops as your system can handle. After you install the mod and load up your game the mod will initialize and a command radio will be placed in your inventory along with a brief instruction holotape called "FCOM ReadMe". Just click on the radio and go nuts, it's that simple. By default FCOM's built in "Balanced Mode" is turned on for balance and immersion, but it can be turned off in the options tab. Lastly I recommend hotkeying the command radio to make it easier to use on the fly.

FCOM is also available on Xbox One for our console cousins to enjoy.
Questions, comments, just bored? Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/CDyhBt8

Unit Roster

  • Institute

  • Brotherhood of Steel

  • Minutemen

  • Railroad

  • Enclave (no gallery)


FCOM Far West Minutemen Add-on

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Deutsch by CaptainCrackhorse

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why isn't this on PS4? Why Mad why!?
A1. This mod uses external assets prohibited by Sony.

Q2. How do I turn my troops into settlers?
A2. Turning FCOM troops into settlers is a simple two-step process.
1) Tell your units to become settlers either when calling them in, or through their personal menu.
2) Go into workshop mode and tell your unit(s) to "move" to the settlement of your choice.
And viola, that's all there is to it!

Q3. Why does it say "unavailable" when I try to request forces?
A3. Because Balanced Mode is on by default and you haven't unlocked that unit yet. You can turn Balanced Mode off in Command Radio>Options.

Q4. Help me help me I can only spawn institute units, how do I get to the other factions!?
A4. Go to Command Radio>Options>Change Faction and boom, that's how you do it.

Q5. Can you do this and this and this and this and this and this and this super special just for me please? 
A5. Nopeeeeee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q6.Will Daenerys win the Game of Thrones?
A6. Of course she will!

Q6. My life is a wreck, Mad, what should I do?
A6. Play more Fallout ;)

Q7. Why are mommy and daddy fighting?
A7. It's not your fault kiddo, I blame the school system.


  • Otellino - For allowing me to use assets from his awesome mod America Rising, the official unofficial Enclave DLC of Fallout 4. 
  • rylasasin - For creating the handy optional friendly fire setting.
  • Karell2015 - For the help he provided early on! Check out some of his most popular mods Construct a Custom Companion and Minutemen 2.0.
  • Creator's Network - For supporting this project. Creator's Network is the hub server of a network of creative production communities, helping content creators improve their craft while providing a healthy and supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • Bethesda - For making our Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit that makes all of this possible.

Voice Actors
Honorable Mentions
  • J3X -  The legend himself, author of the original Enclave Commander mod for Fallout 3, and to RickerHK who adapted it for New Vegas. These were the truly amazing mods that inspired the creation of FCOM. For me and so many others Enclave Commander had always been an essential mod, one that changed the entire Fallout 3 and New Vegas experiences into something even more incredible, and I can't thank them enough for that.
  • BoogieBot5 - For all the epic FCOM battle videos he's showed off on his channel!


  • Fixed command radio not working due to script getting caught in a loop-Fixed the mod initializing twice
  • Fixed certain units not changing aggression
  • Improved compatibility with Immersive Gameplay

  • Fixed record flag being marked as .esp
  • Fixed Enclave voices not playing

  • America Rising overhaul of Enclave forces, courtesy of Otellino
  • Aggressiveness settings
  • Toggleable friendly fire settings, courtesy of rylasasin
  • Fixed long-standing issues with the mod not initializing correctly
  • Minutemen and Railroad forces now only spawn at settlement locations.
  • Minor changes to Hellfire trooper loadout
  • Various bugfixes

  • All new "Balanced Mode" feature
  • Level scaling, units now level with the player
  • Internal re-organization of all scripts for better optimization
  • The "Reset" button will now automatically debug issues with the follower menu not displaying
  • Main menu now tracks your number of unlocked settlements
  • "Radio Chatter" feature removed until further notice

  • Fixed issues with the follower menu not displaying (again)
  • Fixed issues with the Command Radio menu counting dismissed or deceased units
  • Fixed issues with the unit health toggle
  • Fixed issues with the radio chatter [XB1]

  • Menus now display useful info such as squad size and unit health
  • Experimental new "Radio Chatter" feature that can be turned on in the options tab
  • Grenadiers, a new elite minutemen unit.
  • After-battle healing is now optional and can be turned off in the options tab
  • You can now only request forces while outside (did this to solve issues caused by requesting forces indoors)
  • Fixed issues with the individual menu not showing up
  • Fixed issue with the radio not spawning on new characters
  • Fixed issue with BoS pilot dismounting with the scribes
  • Fixed issues with the "squad tracking" feature
  • Fixed issues with Minutemen and Railroad units running past the player during rendezvous
  • Fixed BoS units using the wrong weapons list
  • Reorganized the menus
  • Coursers will now have a synth component in their inventories when they die
  • H-CAT Coursers now use red tactical eyes
  • Follow distance on the "Follow(tight) command increased so they don't run into the player so much
  • removed the splash screen from the start of the mod
  • Command radio will now silently replace itself in your inventory after each use
  • FCOM settlers will now be set to "protected" same as normal settlers
  • FCOM settlers now count towards settlement pop
  • Added grenades to some of the unit load-outs
  • Many general bugfixes and other minor improvements

  • Removed all recycled Enclave dialogue in compliance with Nexus' and Bethesda's rules
  • Fixed Enclave Scientists spawning in power armor

  • Added new institute unit, Synth Bombers!
  • Fixed Star Paladin spawning as a regular Paladin
  • Tweaked some AI combat behaviors on FCOM units
  • Fixed Enclave pilot having the wrong voice type
  • Changed the unit preset that had bald spots to have better hair

  • All new optional squad tracking feature
  • Fixed major issues with the AI turning holstile on freindlies
  • Buffed and rebalanced all unit stats
  • Units now stay on individual orders until told to rejoin squad
  • Fixed issues with a few broken deployments
  • Star Paladin is now spawns alone again
  • Fixed more issues with reset button

  • Fixed the "Underwear bug"
  • Fixed BoS deploying with the wrong units
  • Units now immune to radiation and fall damage
  • Fixed eyebots
  • removed rocket launchers from FCOM leveled lists
  • A few other very minor bugfixes

  • FCOM.esp is now FCOM.esm for your modding convenience
  • All scripts are now archived in a .ba2 for better optimaization and performance
  • Units now regen health after combat
  • units now have a dedicated menu button
  • Settlers now have their own "squad" to protect them from the dismiss all command
  • BoS can now choose between PA and non-PA units
  • Removed all officers
  • Deployed units are now easier to find thanks to pip-boy tracking during rendezvous
  • All commands have been redone, and a couple new ones added.
  • Units will now crouch/sneak with the player
  • Fixed units leaving their power armor
  • The reset button now actually works now
  • The Star Paladin and Sigma Squad deployments have been redone
  • Corrected BoS soldier with wrong voice type
  • Fixed the issue with the vanilla Fast Travel Vertibird
  • Fixed issues with the "assign squad" section of the unit menu
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes

  • Added Enclave faction
  • Added eyebots to all scout units

  • Removed debug messages that were left over by accident

  • Rewrote all scripts + added new scripts
  • All new framework based around the RefCollectionAlias
  • Better optimization and capsulation
  • All new Waypoint system
  • No more delay between commands
  • More squads to choose from

  • Edited items lists (again)
  • Edited the follower radio slightly
  • New radio command
  • Resolved compatibility issues with Minutemen 2.0

  • Fixed soldiers disappearing and not fast traveling with player

  • Minor edits
  • Made all soldiers immune to the "intimidation" perk; got tired of accidently "pacifying" my own units when looking down the sights
  • Changed the .esp name to simply "FCOM", going to keep it this way from now on

  • Fixed unit menu showing up randomly or when looting, and added new unit menu option to "trade" gear
  • Fixed the "Guard Location" package
  • Fixed CAS vertibirds getting stuck
  • New sandbox package for gen 2 synths; synths don't eat or sleep
  • Edited gear for MM, RR, and synth troopers

  • Random big fixes
  • New individual unit command system
  • New Vertibird unit for the BoS, Minutemen, and Railroad
  • Edited Minutemen and RR gear
  • Boosted unit stats

  • Temporary fix for Command Radio not working while wearing power armor.
  • Fixes issue with the "Dismiss" button vanishing during combat.