Field Scribe Backpack by jet4571
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Added: 13/12/2015 - 04:20AM
Updated: 28/04/2016 - 12:37AM

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Last updated at 0:37, 28 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 4:20, 13 Dec 2015

Adds a Field Scribe Backpack that can be worn with any armor or clothing.
Uses biped slot 58 for the top and full version, lower version uses biped slot 57.
Full version increases carry weight by 50, top version by 30, lower version by 20.
Comes in 4 colors, vanilla green/tan, darker green, tan version, and a black version.

It can be found at a shack near Vault 111 on two NPC's and inside the shack in a duffle bag. Check screenshots for exact location.

"Optional level list" adds them to the minuteman clothes level lists, 50% chance of none. May not work if you already met the minutemen that will wear them.

"Decorative Only" optional file has no buffs at all, it's a decoration on your back.

A Realistically Weightless Colored Sorting Mod by Zenotep Patch

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Versions and update info:

V1.0 Initial release.
V1.01 Updated .nif files because of crashes.
V1.01a Added the correct male .nif that was supposed to be in V1.01 instead of the V1.0 male version.
V1.02 Added 2 new colors, added top and bottom only versions, added a requested level list file.
V1.02a Changed biped slots.
V1.02b moved the file cabinet to the Red Rocket cave.
V1.03 New mesh, no longer has a hidden body.
V1.04 Added 3 Hiking style backpacks.
V1.05 Added Elianora's black textured version
V1.06 Changed the low backpack slot to 57 because of grenades.
V1.07 CK Beta release. Moved the location from Red Rocket to a random shack.

Compatibility and required files:

Requires: Fallout 4

Is incompatible with anything that changes the file cabinet at Red Rocket.


Use NMM or...

1. Unzip/unrar to any location.
2. Copy contents into your Data folder.


Black texture version made by Elianora.

Use Permission:

Permission required to use in another mod.
Requires credits to use.
Can only be hosted at The Nexus.
Elianora has blanket permission to use my mods.

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