Minuteman's Last Stand by Ghostfc3s
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Added: 10/10/2017 - 06:17PM
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Last updated at 18:17, 10 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 18:17, 10 Oct 2017

This mod removes the Minute Men from F04. When given the quest to go to Concord you will not be greeted by Preston and the quest "when freedom calls" will not be activated.If you enter the museum, you will be treated to the minute men being slaughter by the raiders. If by chance they survive the slaughter the ai has been stripped from them and they will act as normal MM npc's, feel free to gun them down (Momma Murphy, bet you didn't see that one coming).

This mode will not start any of the MM quests. The death claw will not spawn, the MM npc will not travel to sanctuary, Jewel of the Commonwealth will not start at this point, but will activate at other normal times (IE discovering Diamond City). A note is dropped suggesting that the player go to diamond city, but does not activate the quest (i'm not scripty If someone knows how to start a quest on a note read send me a message). This also means you will not be able get the clean Castle settlement without a mod a it is scripted into the MM quest chain.

You will need to start this on a new game, if installed after you have entered Concord it will have no effect as the cells are already populated.

I have gotten reports of players being stuck in the cryo chamber with this mod activated so best to activate after leaving the vault. (This is something that I would have missed as when starting a new game I load my old save from leaving the vault and rename my character)

Step one: Start a new game, or load a save of your charter just after leaving vault 101.  

Step two: Save and exit

Step Three: Activate this mod


Why? When I have no plans on using the MM on a play through I don't want to be bothered by the MM's neediness of protection and setting up settlements.

I achieved this by cloning the named MM npcs in the CK, and deleting the reference ones inside the museum. I then stripped the cloned NPC of the AI and placed them inside the museum. The vanilla NPCs still exist in the CK so you can spawn them with the console using the default code, however that will more then likely undo this mods effect.  I also deleted the activators for the quest inside the museum mean you can activate the quest using console commands.