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Modularly overhaul the Minutemen to equip them with various things from optional mods.

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Video thanks to KloneWolf

Load Order Guide

FCOM (Optional)
All Required Mods (Assault Carbine, NCR Veteran Ranger Armor, NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armor)
Faction Plugin ("NCRCamo.esp" for example)
Rangers Plugin ("MercRangers.esp" for example)
Service Rifle Plugin ("MelodyRifle.esp" for example)

Pretty much any of the MNO plugins can be in any order, the only thing is the Service Rifle plugin must be below the Rangers Plugin or the rangers wont use the service rifle mod weapons.

What is this mod?

This mod makes the Minutemen spawn with NCR armor, helmets and service Rifles. It also adds Patrol and Veteran Rangers to the leveled lists that spawn with a variety of weapons that compare to their New Vegas outfitting.

What does this mod require?
 NCR Armor
Is the only required mod.

The Far Harbor DLC, the Assault Carbine or Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle and Veteran Ranger or The Mercenary - Pack mods are all optional but will allow you to select optional plugins to install if the corresponding mod is downloaded.

What does this mod edit? What is it (in)compatible with?

It edits the Minutemen Outfit, Weapon and NPC leveled lists. It would generally be compatible with most mods however depending what position in your load order this mod is the armor and weapons may be overwritten. Place this mod below other minutemen altering mods. Due to having to edit the MM NPC leveled lists to add the rangers any mod that adjusts the regular Minutmen soldiers NPC stats will be incompatible. Patches for particular mods may or may not be made.

Will you 
include feature A, B or C?

Possibly, yes. If you have a suggestion feel free to leave it in the comments. The limiting factor is mainly my level of modding experience followed by permissions to use any assets your idea may require.

But the Minutemen are not the NCR, the NCR can't be this far east!

I will admit that if you look at it from a pure realism standpoint then it isn't the most lore friendly. However aside from the 1st recon beret there is no logos or any kind of NCR labeling, so you can treat this more of an equipment overhaul than an NCR overhaul if that's what you would prefer. On my current playthrough I am using the Dustbowl mod so the Commonwealth feels more like Texas than Massachusetts at this point!


Q: The Minutemen aren't spawning with their new gear!
A: Do a cell reset by sleeping for 7 days inside. To test select a minuteman in the console and type "resurrect". Or start a new game.

Q: The Minutemen aren't spawning with their weapons.
A: You probably have another mod that is overwriting the weapons leveled list. This is true for any aspect of the mod. Put my mod below any other overhaul mods.

Q: The service rifle glitches and looks exploded when the soldier is shooting from cover.
A: This is a bug with the Assault Carbine mod. Try using the Wasteland Melody mod instead.

Q: My companion's armor doesn't change when I install a different camo plugin.
A: Your companion's inventory doesn't change, this is because the way the uniform changes it's camo is by changing the in game armor mod, but your companions' armor needs to be modified manually at an armor bench. This also applies to any settlers you manually equipped with armor. The only exception is if you are changing between with Minutemen Olive and Blue camo variants due to the blue camo utilizing a re-texture instead of an object modification.

- Added a new NCR General Uniform that can be found on General McCann's body inside the castle armory. If you already have taken the castle type into the console: help "NCR General" 0 and spawn the items in. I used Satojo's excellent Army Officer's outfit that retextures the vault tec rep's suit as a base for this.
- Added an NCR engineer jumpsuit. Took inspiration from the Wasteland Imports mod.
- Added a non-unique, not suppressed version of the deliverer to the minuteman body in front of the concord center where you first meet preston.

- Retextured the NCR beret with a new vegas style
- Added NCR money to the NCR troopers
- Fixed/Retextured NCR patrol ranger hat badge