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Before everything i'd like to thanks those modders who made the basics for this mod. Without them my mod wouldn't exist.

Nutulator: Metro Gas Masks mod LINK:
cat_woman1989: Faction Field Outfits mod LINK:

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So what does this mod does?

This mod changes the outfits of all the main factions and the gunners. Have you ever felt like that the main factions in the game (like the brotherhood, of the minutemen) wasn't looking cool enough to have the honour to be called armies? 
Well this mod changes that, But it requires Nuka World DLC

The way the mod does that, is replacing their shitty old vanilla fallout weapons that are also unrealistic and weak (laser muskets, laser weapons, combat rifles ect...) With the handemade rifle. 

Theres one Faction that wont use the same kind of fatigues as the others. And its the Institute.
The Only thing i changed in the Institute is the way coursers dress. Now they wont wear black leather, but Institute Hazmat suits. There's also the option to download the other institute version which also makes Coursers Overpowered (like you need a whole army of minutemen to kill one)