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Added: 12/08/2017 - 06:02AM
Updated: 19/08/2017 - 03:26AM

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Last updated at 3:26, 19 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 6:02, 12 Aug 2017

Core Requirements:
Neanka and Valdacil's DEF_UI
SystemLordBhaal Bhaal's Better Sorting mod (v6.72)

Each patch requires whatever the parent mod requires.

Several of the mods have Holotapes used for settings.  They are located in the holotape section and tagged as Settings | xxxxxxx.
Several mods include Consumable items that sort under Aid but are really a Device.  I used the [Device] tag that is established in the sorting mod but no icon was included in the latest version of Bhaal's (v6.72).

Current Patches:
SimSettlements 2.06
Altairp's Animal Farm Add-On - SimSettlements 1.0.6a
Component Redone 0.6
CROSS Crit Gore-Overhaul .91g
Cyan's Perk Mod 1.6d
Dynamic Interior Fog Removal 1.1
Immersive Settlers 1.3
Portable Junk Recycler 1.0
Settlement Management Software
The Collector's Guides AIO 1.16
True Storms 1.4
Visible Companion Affinity 4.141
Eli's Armor Compendium 1.5
Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc 1.01
Survival Options 1.6.2
NPCs Travel 2.2.0
Industrial City - SimSettlements Add-On 0.8.0
SimSettlements - Ruined Homes and Gardens Add-On 2.0.0
West Tek Tactical Optics 2.0.1

Optional Files:

I have added another Alternate Eli's Armor Compendium should be used with the optional change file.  

The Optional Changes file has 2 new tags [Gloves] and [Neck] and icons to work with new tags for Eli Armor as well as a Device icon for the [Device] tag that was overlooked in the base Bhaal's Sorting.  

I will be adding a few more patches in the coming days.  If anyone has any suggestions for patches please ask and I will see what I can do.

Neanka and Valdacil for Def UI.  Simply the best mod for Fallout 4