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Strange sounds and horrible monsters creeping into the Glowing Sea from parts unknown, are you brave enough to crawl into the depths of the Earth and go beyond and below the Glowing Sea to face the madness and horror that is HADES itself?! Adds over 65+ new Locations in and below the glowing sea. More Loot! More Fun! More Thrills!

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2022 edit:
There are two legacy continuation mods for this project:
Both mods above fix the issues with this one, DO NOT USE SOTS WITHOUT ONE OR THE OTHER, do not use both.

Old Mod Info:
A note from the authors:
Due to increasing demands from our personal lives and the current climate of the world, we are unable to finish this mod and we feel it is unfair to its users and fans to keep progress on it delayed for a time that will never come. We have discussed this as a team and of those who are left as developers (Baerthe and Crypt) we agree this is the best move for the project.
As of today, we are opening up the permissions of the mod and releasing the final update under CC BY-NC 4.0 licensing. We are ceasing all active development. This means the mod is free for you to issue your own updates, revisions, fixes, expansions, whatever you like, as long as you credit us directly and do not use anything we have made for commercial use. Thanks for the fun times and I hope to see the community again when we take up modding on another game and when time allows.
Peace. If you want to release a comprehensive patch or upgrade to the mod and want it added to this page, please dm Baerthe on here or Discord.

~Baerthe & Crypt

Strange sounds and horrible monsters creep into the Glowing Sea from parts unknown; are you brave enough to crawl into the depths of the Earth and go beyond and below the Glowing Sea to face the madness and horror that is HADES itself?! Poison gas, vile Ghouls, Fanatical Atomites and crazed beasts crave your flesh in the dark underground world that lives beneath the surface of the Glowing Sea. The world of Hades is not for the faint of heart. Are you strong and brave enough to reach the end of the Underworld itself and find the grand city of Elysium? Adds over 65+ new Locations in and below the glowing sea. More Loot! More Fun! More Thrills! This mod is still in production and not all content is established.
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XBOX 1 VER: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4053490 It is TWO ver. behind.

What we release is finish content and we try to not have working or unfinished content in the mod; However, we will try to fix and add to locations as we go! The mod is basically feature-complete at this point. We, however, need you guys to test it since it is so damn big.

Current Ver:1.50 Beta July 2020. Codename: Final Beta

Patch Notes:
Currently the mod is in final Beta. All of the content is in the mod but may contain bugs.
We have added:
Entire Swamp zone (a handful of locations)
Giant Tree Area
Several New Underground locations.
We added a lot of stuff and fixed a lot of bugs... Please report more bugs.
-Tweaking the nasty radiation damage in Lethe
-Reworked Fanatics with new variations and set levels instead of leveling with the player (Level 60 minimum) also custom faces
-Reworked Daemons, balancing stats to be less bullet sponges but also more dangerous, also adding new features such as functioning nests that spawn Daemon Grubs, as well as Daemon meat and eggs with recipes for crafting Hyper
-Reworked Hyper drug, will now serve as a late-game XP booster, sacrificing health for increased XP gains, useful for high level badasses but dangerous for low-level softies
-New faction - the "Swampfolk" with multiple level variants and a new weapon unique to their faction (Level 50 minimum)
-New faction - "Miner-Bots" with four variants, randomly spawning along-side miner ghouls in the new dungeon, Southrock Mine (Automatron will now be required for this)
-Many new locations and accompanying lore, some of which are very unique and unlike anything else found in the game (some stuff not in the screenshots yet)
-Swamps EXPANDED (Crypt's old mod) has been merged in and the new locations reduxed for the Swampfolk faction, so note that Swamps EXPANDED will not be compatible in the next update, nor will you want it in comparison to the new SOTS versions of each area.

New locations
-North Styx
-Fantastic Comix
-Styx Safehouse
-Vault-Tec Supply Depot
-Vault-Tec Warehouse
-Vault-Tec Factory
-Hope Police Basement
-Sparky’s Gun Shop
-George Washington Station
-George Washington Lobby
-Church of the Prophet
-Dusty Room

-New Faction: The Arisen, a faction of friendly ghouls who have sought sanctuary in the deepest parts of Hades

-Wallace from Wallace's Bar now has a custom dialogue with working voice
-Hannibal from Fantastic Comics has a custom dialogue and voice
-Sammy from Broadcast Station Delta now has a custom dialogue with working voice
-The first two variants of Arisen Guards, one male, and one female found guarding Hannibal

-Two Hyper-creatures, the Daemon, and the Charon
-Heavily re-worked Fanatics, including new armor, sets provided by CarnageFiend which have been properly balanced.

-Absolver, a special .44 with unique effects and firing sound
-Loot containers found in Hades have special lists to spawn SOTS-themed items, such as Hyper and the custom consumables
-Heavily re-worked the consumable items from CarnageFiend's Church of Atom Over-haul to fit South of the Sea, they will now be found throughout Fanatic-heavy areas.

-Styx Ambient Track
-Players will find a dialogue option with Hannibal where you can turn in Hyper for caps, the quest has not yet been created but the dialogue is there
-Daemon and Charon NPCs emit a firey effect that will still appear when they are underwater. There is not much we can do about it without completely removing the fire effect.
-The Arisen Guard currently comes in two variants, one male and one female, but we have at least two more variants per gender in the works, with a total of at least 6 possible voices that the Guards will spawn with.

ver of 0.53 released
Fixed Robotics park (sorry!)
Fixed preculls in the east glowing sea
Added The Sinkhole (location, leads to Lethe)
Added GW Station EXT (int. later)
Fixed minor bugs
Added fire to the Hyper Deathclaw
Added AWKCR patch.

ver of 0.52 released
Added in custom music in Lethe
Fixed some bugs
Fixed some archive issues

ver. of 0.51 released
Fixed issues with the fanatics
fixed precull issues
fixed the world location errors
Added the Prophet's notes and caches! look for these hidden gems!!

ver. of 0.5 released
Added in South Lethe
Added in 5 new locations
Added in Fanatics
Added in Hidden Radio Station
Added in custom decals
Changed some older levels
Patched Invisible wall bug
Patched Malden Center Bug
Patched variety of smaller bugs
Fixed Hobbs
Added in some custom Creatures
Added in Nuka-World Creatures
Added new items:
Fission Core (gamma repeater ammo)
Gamma Repeater
Gamma Mine
Gamma Grenade
Ashland Armor Set
Crimson Stalker Armor Set
Dread Inquisitor Suit
GammaWalker Suit/Helmet

ver. of 0.49 released.
Added in North Lethe
Added in 6 new locations
Fixed precull date in the Atlantic offices and police station
Fixed map marker issues
Redid a variety of internal things to make it run smoother.

ver. of 0.46 released.
Rebalanced Deathclaw hive.
Redid some of the navmesh.
Fixed precull data for junkyard and areas near the police station
Fixed Necropolis' map marker issues and added an external entrance.
Fixed issues with the red rocket not being able to be entered even though the mod doesn't use that area.

ver. of 0.46 released.
fixed all the stupid ctd issues.

First public ver. of 0.45 released.
Combines the two base mods into one and adds new content.
no other notes.

More Details:
This mod is being made by a team of people, please see the official discord for the current roster. Credit here is only for the published content.
This mod is sponsored by GameChems.com, a podcast about modding and modding culture, the official discord hosts the discord channels for this mod at: https://discord.gg/qeGxj9D
There are an updated FAQ and dev updates on that discord.

Published Credits:
Robert aka Baerthe- Project Lead. Level Design, Implementation, Secret furry
Tommy aka Cryptdick - Co-Lead, "Level Slut", Lore
Wanaming0 - Asset creation, general assistance
pickleinspectorgadget -Rifter's and Fanatic's Decals
TheWhiteCollarPlayers-Radio and Scripting
Carnagefiend-Fanatic's Armor, Weapons, Items, etc. and Lore
TheSurpriser - Environmental Music
Mr_Taters - Level Design

Shout out to Vicyorus for assisting with issues!

Voice-Acting Credits:
Wallace - Reduxist
Hannibal - Max
Sammy - Klepha
Arisen Guard Male 1 - Reduxist
Arisen Guard Female 1 - Tamara

THIS MOD IS 100% INCOMPATIBLE WITH AD MORTEM AND / OR GLOWING SEA: EXPANDED AND /OR CHURCH OF ATOM OVERHAUL. These mods are A PART of this mod already. Having both will break your game.