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Adds New standalone and Wearable Canteens to the game that you can craft and fill with water.
(Now with an installer)

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Adds new Wearable Canteens to the game (and Water bottles). Fill your clean Canteen using 6 water bottles and after 6 uses (twice as effective) you'll get an empty canteen that you can refill at any cooking station.


Current Version: 1.0.5


          New Water Bottle:
           -Added a new
clean water bottle with 3 uses (and visual)
a new
dirty water bottle with 3 uses (and visual)

          wearable Canteens Belt:
           -Added a smaller version of canteen belt with the following slots: [54] [55] [56]
           -Once you make a Canteen belt you can change it's slot without any material requirements
          New Functions:
            -Now you can empty your Full canteen (Dirty and Pure) at their workbenches
            -Emptying canteens will give you a Ready water pack that you can open and get the water and your dirty empty canteen.
            -Now you only need x6 waters to refill pure canteens.
            -Added vanilla healing effect to dirty canteens.

          New Hardcore Patch (Optional)
            -You need x12 purified
water to refill your canteen.
            -Removed healing effects from canteens. (they only quench your thirst now.)



1. Military Canteen: x6 (twice as effective = x12)
2. Vault-tec Canteen: x6 (twice as effective = x12)
3. BoS Canteen: x6 (twice as effective = x12)
4. Institute Canteen: x6 (twice as effective = x12)
5. Rail Road Canteen:x6 (twice as effective = x12)
6. Minutemen Canteen: x6 (twice as effective = x12)
7. Handmade Canteen:
x6 (twice as effective = x12)
8.Gunner canteen: x6 (twice as effective = x12)
9. Plastic water bottle x3 (twice as effective = x6)

Dirty version of each canteen: x6 (vanilla effect = x6)

Craft a Canteen belt and add up to 3 canteens to it.
Small belt and Large belt


Canteens and belt can be made at the Canteen workbench
Dirty canteens can be refilled at dirty water collector found in the commonwealth (you can also build a settlement version of them under Resources > Water)
Pure canteens can be refilled at pure water station (Workshop > Resources > Water)

(This feature will be expanded)

**Indicator to show you how much water you have left** 

Full= [IIIIII]
%80= [IIIII ]
%65= [IIII  ]
%50= [III   ]
%35= [II    ]
%15= [I     ]
Empyt Canteen

Water Collectors are here


Future Plans

Add a x12 version
**Minutemen canteen
**Railroad canteen

New canteens
New models
New water stations
Make canteens wearable so you can see them on your character
Make refilling easier (on the go)
Make 3d indicators on some canteens (as an optional recipe)


Should be compatible with most mods. (It doesn't change vanilla game, just adds new items.)
Compatible with Horizon
Compatible with mods that edit only one or two (and not all three) of these armor slots. (slot 54-55-56)


Install normally with NMM (Recommended) or copy in your data folder.

Always backup your saves before installing or upgrading to a new version.
Remove the previous version before updating to a new version.

Updating from 1.0.0a or 1.0.1 (Only): Remove everything added by this version of mod. Install the new version. (Your canteens and workbenches should be there but your belts Must be gone and you can remake them)

Update: Remove the previous version first then install.

Future Updates
          remove canteen recipes from cooking station
          add new furniture:
             -Settlement water collectors (Can refill canteens with pure water from your inventory)
             -Wasteland water collectors
             -New workbench to craft empty canteens  
          add new clean canteens
             -Gunner canteen
             -Special Canteen for the Minutemen general
          add 3 special canteens (more details after the next update)
          making empty canteens will become conditional
             -Vault-tec: No conditions ... can be found inside some vault locations (e.g. vault 111)
             -Military: No conditions ... can be found at some of the military checkpoints
             -Minutemen: No condition ... can be found at the museum of freedom (and maybe at the Quincy ruins)
             -Gunner: No condition ... Dead non-boss gunners
             -BoS: Join the brotherhood ... Proctor Teagan... If you pick a fight
with them then you can find them on dead knight's bodies
             -Railroad: Join the railroad ... railroad headquarters... If you pick a
fight with them then you can find them on dead agent's bodies
Join the institute ... somewhere inside the institute... you can find them on dead courses or human-like synth bodies

       **Requested Canteen models will be added after I'm done making the main models**

        *Some of the canteens will be added as a unique relic to the commonwealth or far harbor*
           New canteens
             -Enclave canteen
             -Vault 13 canteen

         shelf for the Canteens in workshop
         Add the ability to add the canteen to your favorite or use a hotkey
         Refill anywhere
**Read Future Updates and Future Plans and Requests before making new requests, I'll write new requests in the requests section**


Big Thanks to
for the Valdacil's Item Sorting patch.