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You've woken up after 200 years of cryogenic preservation. The world you knew, the people you love, all replaced by a twisted and desolate wasteland. You then discover that there are others like you. Others working towards bringing back that world you lost. Is it all too good to be true?

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With the release of America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave, this mod is now outdated and unsupported. America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave includes everything America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave does and more. Please do not install both at the same time.

You've woken up after 200 years of cryogenic preservation. The world you knew, the people you love, all replaced by a twisted and desolate wasteland. You then discover that there are others like you. Others working towards bringing back that world you lost. Is it all too good to be true?

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Presenting: America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave
A spiritual successor to my Fallout: New Vegas mod "For The Enclave" and my first Fallout 4 mod, A Tale of the Enclave sees you work to try and rally the shattered remnants of the Enclave in an approximately 2 hour adventure!

Instructions on how to do so in the FAQ.

Using Random Encounter Framework? Make sure you grab the America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave patch so that the random encounters added
have a more appropriate chance of triggering. Highly recommended. Thank you Glitchfinder!

  • Act 1 - A 7 quest storyline
  • Two companions
  • Seamless integration into the game
  • Multiple new locations
  • Over 1,000 lines of voiced dialogue
  • Unique characters
  • Enclave Radio Station
  • Enclave Pip-Boy Skin (After completing 'The Welcome Party')
  • A player room for you to decorate to your heart's content
  • Dozens of Random Encounters
  • Repeatable quests
  • Integration with Return to Liberty's Enclave Officer Uniform, X02 Power Armor and X03 Power Armor
  • Integration with CreationClub's Hellfire Power Armor

Once your character hits Level 5 or higher, the mod's questline will begin. I recommend leveling up to at least level 10, though.
If your character is working with the Brotherhood of Steel, there is a 'point of no return' where you won't be welcome at the Brotherhood anymore. Fair warning!

"I'm having a problem with a quest - could I have some quest stages so I can continue, please?"
I'm sorry to hear that! Quest stages, as well as other troubleshooting steps, editor IDs etc are available on my wiki here.
"Why is Version 1.1.0 a BETA?"
Because of voice acting delays, two characters will be missing some voices. I was faced with the choice of either delaying the mod for another month while I recast the characters, or releasing it as-is. I've decided to release it to you all in its current state and will patch in the voice files once I have them. If you don't want to deal with some missing voice files, I suggest you wait!
"Where is Atlas Summit Integration?"
Due to a variety of factors, I couldn't get it ready in time for this release, so I've disabled it. I'll add it in with a future patch, most likely along with the missing voice files. Don't worry, it's coming!
"Why did you change the finale?"
The original America Rising ending presented a variety of challenges to me in terms of pacing, as well as caused a number of bugs especially if you uninstalled the mod after playing it. The ending is less exciting I admit, but it will make my life a lot easier in the future when developing Act 2 and Act 3 of the story, as well as change the starting requirements!

"What do you mean by mod integration?"
Quite simply, there's some fantastic mods out there that compliment America Rising perfectly, so if you have any of the listed mods installed and active, you'll see their content appear in America Rising. Huge shout out to the mod authors who cooperated with me on this functionality!

"I have RTL's X03 Power Armor/CreationClub Hellfire Armor installed but am not seeing Enclave Troops wearing it. Why?"
X03/Hellfire Power Armor will only appear at higher levels, reflecting the higher tier of it. Only Hellfire Troopers, Sigma Troopers and Sigma Leaders wear X03/Hellfire Power Armor.

"Do you have a Discord server?"
Yes! Here you go: https://discord.gg/s3QDvZh

Version 1.1.2
  • Brought Oil Rig Update out of beta: All missing voice files added & new voice actor for General Ward
  • Enclave Pip-Boy Skin (After completing 'The Welcome Party')
  • Minor dialogue and quest tweaks
  • Fixed being unable to repair Enclave X01 Power Armor
  • Fixed disarming Anti-Air sites out of order in 'Fighting with Fire'
  • Tweaked 'Clear the area' objective during 'The Welcome Party'
Version 1.1.1
  • Added support for CreationClub Hellfire Power Armor. If you own it, Hellfire troops will spawn wearing it
  • Provisional fix for General Ward not going to Comms Room
Version 1.1.0 - The Oil Rig Update
  • Massive code overhaul which should fix all of the common bugs encountered by users
  • A new and improved Oil Rig
  • New voice acting
  • Two companions added
  • Mod Integration with Enclave Officer Uniform, X02 and X03 Power Armor mods
  • Tweaked, more robust ending creating a strong basis for me to add more story content
  • Repeatable quests
  • Random encounters
Version 1.0.2
  • Changed The Welcome Party's buttons to terminals & made the door sequence more reliable
  • Made it possible to start the mod even if the distress signal doesn't show up (Caused by compatibility issues with other mods)
  • Minor dialogue fixes
Version 1.0.1
  • Improved reliability of the distress signal
  • Minor dialogue fixes

@Libby_Sharp for 99% of all the custom textures. Thanks!

Ali Oram for original plot outline
@Libby_Sharp for proofreading and writing contributions

Additional Support:
alex4949, the author of Atlas Summit, for letting me use some of his assets

Voice Actors and Actresses:
AliMackScot as General Russell Ward
Josef Boon as Staff Sergeant Toby
@MaevesChild as Doctor Ellen Kane & Female Enclave Soldiers 1
Knight0mega as Female Enclave Soldiers 2
Nik Pedro Balson as Sergeant Peterson
@RealWarhawk as Corporal Fitzpatrick
@Libby_Sharp as Enclave Dispatcher, Female Enclave Technicians 2 & Female Enclave Scientists 2
InsomniaVA as Quartermaster Barratt
Mchenry as Doctor Dagless
Nevernotninja as Male Enclave Officers 1
Oridaellin as Male Enclave Officers 2
K-athleen as Female Enclave Officers 1
Ali Oram as Brotherhood of Steel Soldier
Jenk City as Male Enclave Soldiers 1
Critikal Miss as Male Enclave Soldiers 2
LonnieIIV as Male Enclave Technicians 1
cory as Male Enclave Technicians 2
irusu as Female Enclave Technicians 1
Brad as Terrified Settler
PurpleCoffins as Vault Distress Beacon
dead-vo as Male Enclave Scientists 1
Fuya_Jo as Male Enclave Scientists 2
Livski as Female Enclave Scientists 1

This mod was supported by Creator's Network - a community that supports creative productions.

Creator's Network Discord Server: https://discord.gg/nEP2HTGCHx