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Contains extremely minor patches between several different mods such as adding DEF_UI tags to items, reworking crafting requirements, and moving crafting recipes to the weapons/robotics lab.

Permissions and credits
Unofficial patch for Salvage Beacons, Remote Explosives, The Mobile MechanicCompact Crafting and Horizon.  These are all only minor changes that I thought were too small to make their own individual mods, but might still be of interest to others.  E.G. Adding DEF_UI tags, adjusting crafting recipes, or moving crafting from the (ever expanding) chem lab into Horizon's robotics and weapons lab.

New with 1.1: Player Hacking, Locky Bastard, and See-Through Combat Scopes (Removed with 1.6)

New with 1.2: See-Through Combat Scopes - Nuka World support, [/url]Live Action Mr. Handy, and Moddable Robot Settlers. Removed with 1.5

New with 1.3: Glowing Animals Emit Light and Various Material Fixes

New with 1.3.1: Military MREs

New with 1.4: Bobble Girl and Random Valuables - Slim Version (Removed with 1.6) This patch also fixes some other bugs and provides some updates to my other patches. See change log for more details.

New with 1.5: Updated nearly every patch to be compatible with Horizon 1.5.  My robot patches have been removed from this compilation as they have been moved to my robot patches patch.  The changes are all relatively minor, some recipes were adjusted to fall more in line with new Horizon balances, crafting keywords were updated, and other small things.

New with 1.6: Not much of an updated needed for Horizon 1.6.x, but I dropped support for player hacking, random valuables, and see through scopes.  I would like to make my own version of random valuables to only address bobble heads and be more compatible in the future.  See through scopes will become a patch mod of it's own.

This is considered a BETA until I am convinced there are no bugs or inconsistencies.  If you find any bugs or inconsistencies please report via the bug tracking tab.  I only offer support for the latest version of the above mods and Horizon.  If you're using older versions of either I offer no support.

This mod is packaged as a FOMOD which means you will need to install it via a mod manager. I recommend Nexus Mod Manager.

Beta The Mobile Mechanic Mod Added Components Support
The scrapping bench in The Mobile Mechanic and Compact Crafting do not work with mod added components.  Do not scrap any of Horizon's new components using the workbench from either of those mods.  

I'll try to fix this with the next patch, but for now YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

7/26/2017 Update: Fadingsignal was kind enough to share his source code for the scrapping workbench with me and I have made a new beta patch available under misc files.  The scrapping station now supports vanilla and horizon components.

This DOES NOT replace the changes made by my other TMM patch included with the main files.  This is only an addon to provide a framework for scrapping mod added components using TMM's portable workbench.  If this patch goes well I'm hopeful it will be included in TMM by default.

For the adventurous modders out there using other mods that add new components, you can make your own patch using a FO4Edit script I built included with the beta patch.  DISCLAIMER: USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

1. Download and install FO4Edit
2. Drag and drop the contents of the patches "Edit Scripts" folder into FO4Edit's "Edit Scripts" folder
3. Open FO4Edit with all your mods and wait for it to load
4. Right click on the left panel where your esp's are and click "Apply Script"
5. From the dropdown menu, select "AutoBuildScrapComponentFormList" and click OK
6. Select "CREATE NEW FILE" and click OK
7. Name your new file something indicative of the mods it's patching like "MODNAME-autopatch" (note the lack of .esp, FO4Edit applies that automatically)
8. Press OK

You should see a bunch of text start scrolling up the screen as the script crawls through your load order to find all components and their corresponding misc object and build the appropriately structured and named FormList used to auto scrap stuff.  When it's done you should see a "Patch successfully created! There were ## total components patched."  Where ## would be the total number of components that needed to be added to the patch.

Keep in mind, the more components there are, the slower the scrapping process will be.  Horizon nearly triples the number of components and as such I needed to optimize the scrapping process to be multi-threaded.  It still takes ~10 seconds to scrap items but that's much better than the 30+ seconds it took without threading the scrapping process.

Let me know how it's working out for you guys!

Mods Covered by this Patch:

Salvage Beacons:
Moves the crafting recipe for salvage beacons from the chem lab to the robotics lab under "DEVICES"
Adds the DEVICE DEF_UI tag from Horizon to the salvage beacon

Remote Explosives:
Moves the crafting recipe for the detonator from the chem lab to the robotics lab under "DEVICES"
Moves the crafting recipe for the explosives from the chem lab to the robotics lab under "MINES" 
Adjusts the explosives crafting recipes to use Horizon's Explosive Material and Energy Cell components
Adds the "DEVICE" and "MINE" DEF_UI tag from Horizon to the detonator and explosive inventory items

The Mobile Mechanic:
Moves the crafting recipe for the portable workbench and kits from the chem lab to the robotics lab under "DEVICES" (for the actual portable workbenches) and "TOOLS AND PARTS" (for the kits).
Adjusts the portable workbench and kit crafting recipes to be more-or-less the same as crafting the corresponding workbench from Horizon, including perks
The all-purpose portable workbench now has all the requirements as each individual workbench combined
Adds the "UTILITY" and "TOOL" DEF_UI tag from Horizon to the portable workbench/power armor station and kit inventory items

New 7/26/2017: The new optional misc file now includes mod added component scrapping support.  See above for details.

Compact Crafting:
Adjusts the compact crafting workbenches crafting recipes to be more-or-less the same as crafting the corresponding workbench from Horizon

(Removed with 1.6)
Player Hacking (New with 1.1):
Lets you try and hack any computer terminal once you have a single level in hacker, but makes the terminals more difficult and less forgiving.  The level requirements for the perks have been rescaled for Horizon.

(Removed with 1.6, this will become a mod of it's own soon)
See-Through Combat Scopes (New With 1.1):
This is a really small change to the leveled list optional in the See-Through Combat Scope installer that re-scales leveled lists using Horizon's standards.  Mostly it's just preventing recon/night vision scopes from appearing early game.  This completely replaces the leveled list esp that comes with See-Through Combat Scopes.

Locky Bastard (New with 1.1):
Allows you to use both Horizon's and Locky Bastard's lock picking systems at the same time.  Locky Bastard's can be accessed while your gun is out, Horizon's when you're gun is away, and both explosives while you're sneaking depending on distance from the container/door.

I personally like the player choice of what resource do I want to spend to try and open this door/safe.  I can use the somewhat expensive Horizon tools, or I can waste ammo, or I can break my legs.

(New with 1.1.1) If you use Locky Bastard and Remote Explosives there is an additional patch which allows you to use Remote Explosives explosives to blow up locks.

Removed as of version 1.5.  These have been moved into a patch of their own.
Moddable Robot Settlers (New with 1.2):

Merges changes to Codsworth from Horizon and Moddable Robot Settlers.

Live Action Mr. Handy (New with 1.2):
Merges changes to Codsworth from Horizon and Live Action Mr. Handy.

Glowing Animals Emit Light (New with 1.3):
Merges changes to glowing animals from Horizon and Glowing Animals Emit Light.  They glow now.

Various Material Fixes (New with 1.3):
Merges changes to various clothing from Horizon and Various Material Fixes.

Military MREs (New with 1.3.1):
Removes status effects from all MREs (their benefit is they don't have rads), increases their value from 25 to 50 caps, and reduces the number of them available for purchase from NPC vendors.

Bobble Girl (New with 1.4):
Changes the model file to point to justice123's bobble girl directory, forwards horizon's DEF_UI tags, and sets the values of bobble heads to 0.

(Removed with 1.6)
Random Valuables - Slim Version (New with 1.4):
Forwards Random Valuables (slim version) script changes to bobble heads so they spawn randomly.

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