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Bobble Girl - with Slooty Vault Suit

Sorry for too many Videos. i just can't resist...

Thanks to MxR Mods,

Thanks VatiWah for Another video review!

Grazie! NorthWind - Modding italiano! for your video!

Now, i'm in Top 5 officially, Thanks to sajcon!

Thanks DirtyBaker Mods for this Quick review!

Thanks UNOG: United Nerds Of Gaming, nice video!

Thank you Ma Doo Gun! for this Video!

Update note
1.0 - release
1.1 - Changing file Path and add ESP file for mod compatibility

Bobble girl in other languages
Spanish Translation by Wartinald, Thanks!

What is th......Oh.

Yes! it's simple replace for vanilla Bobbleheads!

How to install?

Just Download Main file, Bobble Girl FOMOD, and choose what you want! (Thanks to SkunkMonkey!)
there is 6 variant,
3 hair color(Blonde, Dark Brown, Red)
and 2 Suit design (Normal and Slooty)
3x2=6, Boom! easy!

1.1 Update
Remove previous version and do the same thing!

!WARNING! the Red Head version is only in FOMOD Main file! !WARNING!

to install manually which i'm not recommend
First you must Download Bobble Girl Normal Blonde as main file
and you can choose between 3 more options
Dark Brown hair with Normal suit,
Blonde or Dark Brown Hair with Slooty Vault Suit!

just download with NMM or manually Copy n Paste the loose files

Manual install version doesn't contain ESP file, so if you using Manual install version, might be incompatible with some mod

Q: What is..the... 볼트-텍? if i download this, it changing the base?
A: don't worry! this mod doesn't affect to the Bobblehead base, that's just my language!

Q: Can you make...
A: Nope! sorry.

Q: Can i Re upload/ Re make/ Re texture this models?
A: Yes! as long as you credit me!

Special Thanks!
DixiePig as original author of Slooty Vault Suit
SkunkMonkey for FOMOD and Red Haed Variant

Recommended mod! 
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More Hair Color for no revealing suit by ParasiteX if you want more hair to choose!
Standalone Collectible Bobblegirls aka Bauble Bobble by Demon9ne, for those one who want every Bobble girl variant in one time!
ETSGB for Bobble Girl by nacidocoqui, Now you can have both Girls and Glow!
Bobble Girl Loading Screen by wova253, Finally, they in Loading Screen!