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  1. AltairP
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    - Cat Farm plot doesn't build (need to check what's up).
    - Rabbit Container plot has a rainbow sign (same as above).
    - Plots don't show up (install 1.0.7a. If it still happens, read below for a fix).
    - CTDs (same as above).


    Reload a save /before/ you installed 1.0.7, with 1.0.7a checked. If that's not possible; save your game, quit, uncheck the .esp, enter fallout, load the game, save, quit, check the .esp, join the game and reload the save.


    - Disable the mod (uncheck it from the mod manager).

    - Load the save you were trying to load before, it should work.

    - Save the game (with Animal Farm still unchecked).

    - Quit the game.

    - Enable the mod again.

    - Load up the save you made.

    It's not the best fix, but you should be able to play without further issues.

    If the problems continues, then I must ask that you send me a PM with your load order and with as many details as possible of what you were doing (example: did you put down any of my plots? Did the CTDs happen as soon as you were out of the Vault? Did you manage to play the game before the CTDs? ...and other similar stuff). Hopefully with enough information I'll be able to figure out what's wrong in the mod, and fix the issue.

    Many thanks to user Lynna for the workaround, also, and thanks to all of you for playing with my add-on. Enjoy!
  2. AltairP
    • supporter
    • 123 posts
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    I have (finally) uploaded a new file that should fix /all/ of the borked textures in the add-on - many thanks to Gambit77 for that. From now on, the unusual species of rainbow-colored brahmins should be considered exctinct (feel free to toss rolled-up newspapers at me if that's not the case).

    As for actual, sizeable updates: there won't be much, for a while. I'd like to wrap up another project, first, and life is getting in the way. I'll be sure to come back to this once I'm done with the other thing (of course, if more issues arise, I'll try to tackle them in a reasonable amount of time).
  3. AltairP
    • supporter
    • 123 posts
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    I have uploaded a fix for the CTDs, and also corrected a small mistake in the Molerat farm.
    Hopefully that should be the end of the CTDs.
  4. CrunchyWithKetchup
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    Do we still need the Coffee & Donut Shop Patch?
  5. BlazeStryker
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    Hi. Always adored your addon to SS. Still do. I do wonder what you have in there that wasn't put into the Mega Packs. it's just the usual LO conservatism, all us margin dudes are like that.
  6. ParseOfficial
    • member
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    Could you make an optional patch for survival users that removes all food buffs from the food recipes/items in this mod?
  7. WhiteWolfZorra
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    Do the farm animals respawn after being killed?
  8. SlaughterParty
    • member
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    Aloha, at first this is an awesome addon, thanks ;), but I have a question about the CC patch, is it required by your updated main file or 1.07 only?
  9. Shadow1474
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    I'm experiencing CTDs with the newest version, unfortunately. I'm on a brand new save with about one hour of playtime, saved in Sanctuary (early enough at the beginning where Sanctuary isn't even a settlement yet), and now I can't load the save without crashing. Unchecking this mod allows me to load the save without a crash.

    I consider myself generally pretty savvy with load orders, conflicts and that sort of thing so I want to say it's not on my end, but who knows.
  10. AZRainman
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    The invincible hostile mole guard is a pain in the ass. Was in the latest version of the sim settlements mega pack.
  11. AltairP
    • supporter
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    I do apologise for a lack of response to the bug reports. I've been distracted; real life is a bitch.
    I'm gonna see if I can figure out what's wrong with these crashes, and provide you people with a fix as soon as I do.
  12. tinydanser
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    I'm getting a crash to desktop 100% of the time when the Molerat Farm tries to upgrade to level 3. I've tried it on an existing save where it happened as I was playing normally and then I did some testing on a new save using the Throw Money at Sim Settlements mod to force the plot to upgrade and had it crash trying to upgrade again. I temporarily disabled this mod and noticed that this plot is also one of the ones from the first Mega pack and tried that version of the plot and it will upgrade to level 3 just fine.
    1. pendannadnep
      • member
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      I recently upgraded to the 1.08a version and every time I approached two of my settlements the game would crash. One of them had the molerat farm, not sure what the other had from this pack. The only difference I could see between the 1.08 and 1.08a version was the Textures.ba2. The older 1.08 Textures.ba2 file was created with the general format instead of the proper DDS format. 1.08a also changed the compression of all the internal files, maybe BC7. I opened all the the files with a viewer that can view the format and they were all fine. But what ever format they are in was not readable by one of my older viewers.

      What I did to fix the crash for me is to extract all the files from the 1.08 Textures file and then create a new ba2 file in the DDS format using Archive2.
  13. chceviker
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    Hey man, do we have to have sim settlements? I don't use sim settlements, but i want your mod...
    1. mytigio
      • premium
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      Not sure if you ever received a response, but this is an add-on for sim settlements.

      It wouldn't do anything without sim settlements