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This mod makes your character speak other then just in dialog scenes! Combat taunts and comments are included as well as many other features including player head tracking ( headtracking ).

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  • Italian
This mod is all about having your character speak more.
Voice is compatible with any language version of the game.
Has many features including player Head Tracking.


Extensive range of random comments to actors from the player including an optional hello types only.
>> Special comments set up for followers and Dogmeat and your romance partner.
>> Combat taunts/comments for when you enter combat mode, make a hit or kill, or when you get hit!
>> Comments from the player for non-combat damage like radiation exposure, falling damage or explosions!
 Other player comments for actions like sitting, crouching, equipping an item, or noticing a dead body!
Frequency of all comments and all other features are configurable in the MCM settings page.
>> Player Comments Toggle item added to your inventory for quickly turning the mod on/off. 
>> Player head tracking and look at speaker functions.
>> Added comments (hello dialog) to player from actors in factions that do not have any in vanilla!

>> Voice is compatible with any language version of the game and also mods like the Higher Protagonists voice!
>> NPC's will respond to the player comments or hello's. 
>> Player will respond to NPC comments!  Over 4300 NPC dialog lines to player that player will respond to.

Requires the Mod Configuration Menu for access to settings!

DLC Requirements:
 Far Harbor, Nuka World and Automatron DLC's

Short sample video:

Please note:
... Comments are taken from existing voice in the game - there is nothing new - and works for both male and female characters!
... On a new game the comments will not begin until you leave Vault 111 and will be paused while any in game dialog is occurring.
... Some of the animations that are played with particular comments prevent the player from moving for a short time!

Compatibility and other information:
... Mods that makes changes to vanilla quests should be placed below Player Comments in your load order - incompatibilities may still exist!
... Others mods that activate events outside of what is in the vanilla game may have issues with Player Comments!
... Please check the misc section in files for any patches!
... Please ensure you have the latest version correctly installed before posting issues with this mod as older versions are not supported!
... Having trouble with the mod not starting after you leave the vault - type PlayerComments setstage 0 into the console!
... Please read the CHANGES info for important version update notes!

This is a work in progress mod, updates with new features and content will occur on a regular basis.

Install as usual using Nexus Mod Manager or simply extract the contents of the archive into your Fallout 4 Data folder and activate the esp in your mods list.

This mod is now fully compatible with the  Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

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