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This mod makes your character speak other then just in dialog scenes.
Includes combat taunts, player hello's, responses to NPC's and much, much more including player head tracking!
Comes with full MCM configuration!

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Taking full advantage of the numerous player voice files in the game this mod will lift the immersion of you Fallout 4 character to a level probably never seen in any game before. 

From saying hello or commenting to other people in the world to them responding to you and you responding back , commenting to friendly creatures or on dead bodies, combat taunts and commentary, looking at people who speak, head tracking others and commenting on other player actions or events this mod will surely make your Fallout 4 experience much more enjoyable and realistic.

Many special features have been seamlessly built into the mod like unlocking companions infinity dialogue and the "Your thoughts." commentary to be used as responses to the player as idle chatter or hellos, making NPC's respond to your hellos and an automatic check/correct for issues with the mod when you access your pipboy.

With the ability to fully configure all the features of the mod through a comprehensive MCM settings menu , you can set the mod up to perform or act exactly how it pleases you best. You may even turn the mod on or off as you please using the toggle tool or the MCM hotkey.

Much work as gone into ensuring this mod fits perfectly into the Fallout 4 game without any issues and has been improved upon and changed dramatically since the mod's early conception as somewhat of a gimmick. The player responses section of the mod has been designed to be as realistic as possible only limited by what is available to be utilized in the vanilla game, the diversity of this feature being under constant improvement.

Development of this mod has by no means been a simple task with over 33000 entries and as of the current version there is now well over 2000 lines of voice dialogue for the characters hellos, responses and combat taunts and well over 10000 non activated NPC dialogue lines that player will respond to. Further work will be undertaken to increase this even further with the final intent of covering all non activated dialogue directed at player and even all the idle chatter of Companions.

The only real way to understand just how much this mod will improve the immersion of your game and how much content it brings is to use it and I really hope that you enjoy the more life like character it will bring you.

Oh and don't forget to hit that endorse button if you enjoy the mod!

Player greetings: Player will randomly greet other NPC's and Followers with hello's or random comments depending on you configuration.
NPC responses: NPC's including followers and other friendly AI will respond to your greetings using the Idle or Hello topics.
Player Responses: Player will respond to all NPC and followers hellos or comments with realistic replies.
Look at speaker: Player will look at other friendly AI as they speak.
Head Tracking: Player will randomly head track other actors in the world.
Facial Expressions: Facial expressions are used for the player greetings, head tracking and the look at speaker features.
Companion affinity:
  All companion affinity dialogue will be heard as random replies to player's greetings.
Followers commentary: All followers will now also use the "Your thoughts" dialogue as random chatter and replies to player.
Creature commentary:  Player will randomly comment to friendly creatures.
Combat commentary: Player will comment on combat start, when they get hit by an enemy or get a hit or kill on an enemy or friendly.
Action commentary:  Player will comment on actions such a sitting, item equipping, swimming, etc.
Other commentary: Player will comment on Radiation damage, Rad storms and damage from mines, falling, etc.
MCM configuration: Most of the features of the mod are fully configurable via the MCM configuration menu.
Mod Toggle: A toggle item and MCM hotkey are provided that enables you to quickly turn the mod off or on.
Mod Checker:  The mod is auto checked for issues when you access your pipboy. Possible issues will be auto corrected.

 Far Harbor, Nuka World , the Automatron DLC's and the Mod Configuration Menu for access to settings!

This mod is designed to be fully compatible with the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch but the separate patch for the HaluciGen quest is required!

Other mods that edit vanilla quests and/or dialogue or Idles may need to be patched and it is best to place those mods above Player Comments in your load order to negate missing dialogue problems with this mod.

Currently I have created patches for the following mods :

Start Me Up Alternate Start
CWSS Redux v2
Combat Zone Restored
Icebreaker Settler Dialogue Overhaul
Icebreaker Piper Companion Dialogue Overhaul
Tales from the Commonwealth
Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul

Install as usual using Nexus Mod Manager , or simply extract the contents of the archive into your Fallout 4 Data folder and activate the esp in your mods list.

This is a work in progress mod, updates with new features and content will/may occur on a regular basis.
Voice is taken from existing voice in the game - there is nothing new - and works for both male and female characters and for all language versions of the game!
Some of the animations that are played with particular comments prevent the player from moving for a short time if you are standing still!

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